4. Lana Vawser: There May be a Battle Going on for your Rest


Many of you have been feeling so weary, yet don’t know how to continue to fight, but I felt the Lord say “You will war in rest!” In the place of “coming away”, the place of Psalm 23, the place of peace and revelation of who He is, the deeper place of trust, the warfare is going to ‘fall off’. I saw many have been ‘spinning’ in the battle looking for the ‘breaker’ to break these attacks, these mental battles, these battles with fear etc. I saw in the “coming away with Him into Psalm 23” releasing such a breaker through the revelation He releases, the lies and attacks of the enemy will fall away as the TRUTH of His Word prevails!!!


I had a profound encounter with the Lord recently and He showed me that this is the season of SOARING for the body of Christ. Soaring higher than they have been. The interesting thing was they were soaring on TWO WINGS.

1. The wings of the Word and Truth
2. The wings of Trust

In the invitation the Lord is releasing to go deeper into Psalm 23, to meditate upon His truth and upon Him, He is bringing His people deeper into the place of trust. Trusting in the Word of God and His Truth which is revealing greater revelation of who He is and taking the roots of trust in His people deeper in Him than they have ever been.

“May everyone who knows your mercy keep putting their trust in you, for they can count on you for help no matter what. O Lord, you will never, no never, neglect those who come to you.” – (Psalm 9:10)
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