5. Lana Vawser: There May be a Battle Going on for your Rest


The storms, the battles, the opposition, the uncertainty, the waiting, the fear onslaughts, the lies from the enemy, the deception, the disturbance the enemy is bringing all of it – the Lord is calling His people to “Come away beside the beautiful bubbling brooks” with Him and settle in His Word, nestle in His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth, the truth of who He says you are. The truth of the season you are in. The truth of what He is saying about your circumstances. The truth of what He is calling you to in this season. The truth of His plans for you. The truth of the new blueprints He is releasing to you. The truth that is being birthed from the Word of God is bringing such a deep rest to hearts and souls, such deeper levels of trust, that the enemy is running scared. The enemy has tried to terrorise God’s people, bring fear, discouragement and despair again, but the enemy himself is being terrorised by the breaker anointing that is being released to God’s people through the Word, the breaker of revelation, that is bursting forth such a deep place of TRUST and REST in God’s people and causing them to soar higher than they have soared before. You will see with your eyes the fortification the Lord is doing, the strength He is bringing to you, the maturity He is birthing in you through the Word and God and revelatory truths He has for you in this season to SOAR in a place of rest like you have not experienced before.


Many of you have been battling such mental fatigue, such heart fatigue and body fatigue in this season because the battles have been so intense. I saw the Lord is bringing great healing to your mind, heart and body in the “coming away in Psalm 23” in this season.

The Lord showed me that many miracles are going to take place beside the brooks with Him. Miraculous healing of hearts, minds and bodies will take place as He ministers to you through His Word and Psalm 23. His truth will set you free. His truth will heal you. His truth will deliver you.

The Lord spoke to me so clearly and said: “The enemy has come against My people relentlessly in the last little while with so many lies, such fear, such whisperings of falsities because he knows that My whispers of truth through My Word and from My heart beside the bubbling brooks are going to set My people free. Heal them. Deliver them. Restore them. Refresh them. Rejuvenate them and bring them into a deeper rest of faith and trust and a physical rest to their weary hearts and minds. My truth is going to REJUVENATE and REFRESH that is why the enemy is trying so hard to STEAL through his lies and fear. The smokescreens are disappearing by the bubbling brooks with Me, the deeper place of rest.”
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