6. Lana Vawser: There May be a Battle Going on for your Rest


The Lord showed me that the Holy Spirit is bringing about great breakthrough strategy to His people concerning rest right now that is going to release not only that deeper place of peace, encounter, rest and joy restored, but position His people for greater increase, blessing, longevity and maturing. Pay attention to His leadings and His promptings of the places and ways He is bringing forth rest in your life in this season. Pay attention to His leading and follow Him.

He reminded me of something He whispered to me a while go “Come away does not mean delay!!!

Right now, the Lord is inviting His people into a greater place of “coming away”, a greater place of “rest with Him beside the bubbling brooks” and it will look different for everyone and different to how things have looked before, but bow not to the agenda of man, or what you have done previously. Follow the leading of His Spirit and allow Him to bring the rest into your heart and life that He is wanting to bring that is going to BREAK such lifelong battles for many. Ask Him for the REST STRATEGY for your life beside the bubbling brooks. How can you partner with Him in this season to receive this rest He is wanting to release to your heart, your soul, your mind and your body. He has heard your cries, and many weary, wounded warriors are being called to the place of healing, restoration, rejuvenation, increase and breakthrough by the Spirit of God. He has heard, and is answering your prayers.


I saw the Lord commanding angels to be released into your secret place, to that beautiful place beside the bubbling brooks of bliss with Him to herald a new season of deeper revelation of the Word of God into your life. There will be a significant increase of angel activity recognised in this season especially the Lord revealing the angelic assistance that has been assigned to you. There is a new depth in the secret place being opened up to you that is heralding waterfalls of revelation of the Word of God. There is a great washing by the Word of God that is taking place in the secret place, by the brooks of bliss, that is going to further awaken you to the power of His voice. A great maturing will take place in the washing of the Word that is going to further build, mould, awaken and establish you in your identity in Christ and the inheritance that you have in Him. The water of the Word will wash you in greater intensity, fortifying you and causing you to shine with the light and love of Jesus brighter and brighter – birthing you further into a mature son and daughter of Almighty God.
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