3. Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 17 2018 Compiled by Judy Byington


5. There were payouts in Reno from some certain overseas interest.

6. Tier 4 RV exchange appointments were expected to be given April 16 via the 800#’s.

7. Funds released would be here shortly. There would be a couple days of lag time until the release finished.

8. Stock market corrections were expected to begin April 16. Technical Breakdown: The Global Stock Market Crash is Now!

9. If the RV didn’t begin, the Stock Market would collapse within weeks.

10. I have been given a precise protocol on how the funds would be distributed through the project accounts, the civilian accounts and release of the new technologies. I hope to be speaking of those protocols in the near future when given permission to do so. How distributions would be handled at the public levels and when, as well as what could and could not be done with the funds, would be spelled out in a very clear and simple manner. All things were in place and at the ready for the release of funds. Collateral Accounts allocated to gold wrap the new currencies as needed (Decades in the making) banking systems are being implemented to handle the new financial networks. Security protocols were in place to monitor and control fund movement. Political agendas and arguments have been solved, or at least agreed upon.

11. My intelligence has given a clear picture of many arrests in the US, Russia and China.

12. It’s over but for the shouting, despite what you might nightly see on TV, in Syria and with Trump. Everything was settled and being implemented now—including a working two state solution between Israel and Palestine.

F. April 16 2018 9:44 am EST, Fulford: “Revolution May Start” – Fulford Report (Excerpt) – 4.16.18

1.According to CIA and other sources, the Khazarian Zionist crazies, desperate as their control grid collapses, carried out a massive campaign to force the U.S. and Russia into World War 3 and thus start their long-planned Armageddon.

2. The key was the raid on the offices of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, on April 9th.

3. The aim of the raid was to find material with which to blackmail Trump and thus force him to order an attack on Russian troops in Syria and start WW3, according to CIA and Pentagon sources.

4. Since Trump’s Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009 and since Trump was likely to have been bailed out by Russian gangsters and other dubious characters, there can be no doubt that plenty of blackmail material was found.
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