5. Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 20 2018 Compiled by Judy Byington


F. April 16 2018 9:29 am EST UN Advisor arrested for pedophilia, John Vibes: Founder of One of the Largest Children’s Charities in the World, Arrested for Pedophilia

United Nations adviser and the founder of Street Kids International Peter John Dalglish has been arrested on suspicion of pedophilia after he was caught with two young children during a police raid. Dalglish had posted videos to the “dark web” of Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin torturing and murdering a young girl. It was believed Dalglish posted the horrific videos in an effort to blackmail the “Deep State” and stop his being captured by CIA forces loyal to President Trump, but evidently the tactic didn’t work.

G. April 19 2018 2:21 am EST: Judicial Watch to Clobber the Deep State in Unprecedented Panel “On April 24 at 12:00 noon EST, Judicial Watch will live stream the most important and revealing expose of the Deep State ever presented to the American people.”

H. April 18 2018 Army General Arrested for Child Rape/Sex Trafficking, Jay Syrmopoulos: https://ift.tt/2HdFRRC

Army General & Fmr VP of Company at the Heart of Child Sex Trafficking Scandal Arrested for Child Rape Washington, D.C. – Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene, a retired Army general, who after leaving the military, worked as VP for embattled DynaCorp International – the private military contractor at the heart of numerous international child sex scandals – has been charged with multiple counts of rape for the alleged assault of at least one minor.

I. April 18 2018 Hillary Indictments, Von Reitz: Reader: The First of the Hillary Indictments Published by Anna Von Reitz Today, April 18, 2018
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