Calling On the Enochian Angels – Apocalypse Rising – Jason Louv

John Dee & The Empire of Angels – The Source

Jason Louv Website
About Jason Louv, The author of seven books, including Generation Hex, Ultraculture, and Thee Psychick Bible. He runs the high-traffic site and teaches courses on magick and spirituality at He has written for many popular websites, including Boing Boing, VICE News, Motherboard, and Esquire Online. He lives in Los Angeles.

Review of Jason’s recent Work John Dee & The Empire of Angels
“Jason Louv’s book is absolutely invaluable. It contextualizes the very bedrock that Western ceremonial magic is based on. Dee and Kelly’s legendary experiments are the cornerstone of our Western understanding of how magic works. But there’s more to it than that. Louv’s impressive work is not only an enjoyable, adventurous journey into esoteric history but also one into the multifaceted–and sometimes dangerous–machinations of the human mind.” (Carl Abrahamsson, author of Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward)

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