“100 Trillion Zim Notes” by Jeff Walker – 6.13.18

“100 Trillion Zim Notes” by Jeff Walker – 6.13.18

6/13/2018 09:28:00 AM Emailed, Thoughts

Entry Submitted by Jeff Walker at 4:22 AM EDT on June 13, 2018

I need to redeem today or I will be going back into the lions den where frankly I do not wish on my worst. I feel like I can get rid of some of this and stay where I am if I can just stick this out.

And Yes. Work is extremely scarce here in Macon. I have spent the past 6 months busting my buns trying to find something. I am over qualified or they would rather pay a 20 year old to do the work cheaper.

So my last resort is to rid the weight of some … not all.. of these and I am willing and able to send anyone these instead of continuing to ask for help.

I am tired of doing that. (Mark) but we all must help each other out in ways to get to the end. And I know the rewards are going to be great.

I am asking for a bit more assistance in exchange for this currency I have to send.

I have enough to exchange later but I would rather give it to this family at a considerable discount than to ask for a hand out again.

I have

1 100 trill
6 50 trill
And 20 10 trill

Please ask Patrick for my email so I can get them to you in part or in whole for a bit more generosity.. no matter what it is.

Love and light

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