I just learned from my friend from Viet Nam & posted the info on my face book status……………………”ALERT! VIET NAM INVADED BY VAST CHINESE TROOPS! MEDIA BLACKOUT! TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT ON THIS! ! My friend from Viet Nam tells me the Chinese have sent vast troops to Viet Nam. Flooding farmers crops, bringing loss, destruction, snakes & leaches. Blackout on ALL news sources! People there putting this out on social media are DISAPPEARING! Farmer’s fields are forceable being taken. My friend’s mother had returned for a visit there. She has escaped for her life flying back here! IF I DISAPPEAR YOU’LL KNOW WHY!! AND I’M NOT SUICIDAL! VIET NAM NEEDS DIVINE INTERVENTIIN! PLEASE INTERCEDE IN SINCERE PRAYER! TY

This is all FIRST HAND info from my fb friend. It is HER mother that went to visit & then had to flee. I put that info about “disappearing” because we know what happens to whistle-blowers. The Viet Namese that are putting it out on Face Book are disappearing My Friend said. interview her

The Vietnamese people are not allowed to enter the restricted zones. South China seas are a hostile zone as well

People are being forced/dragged out of their land and farms they are selling the land to the highest bidder the buyers are from many other countries. Land that is worth 10k is selling for only 500 dollars. Families are forced out and wired gates are wrapped around the property and protected by Chinese soldiers.

People are being taken.They are blaming gangsters for anyone shot. People that are detained in jail somehow are committing suicide, throats slit. Buddhists are targeted as well as any churches

No mainstream news in Vietnam. The news are removed and youtubes are also removed.

The Chinese order the Viet Gov. The Viet Gov have been paid well. There are many news offices in the US that are reporting on Youtube you can see the news type in VOA. Its supposedly French owned
“Vietlive.tv”is also another one

The soldiers are careful about being recorded by cell but can be recorded, and the gangs, Chau Doc, All over the west, its saturated

I’ve listened to news that tells that a man taken was said by authorities to have slit his own throat…Vietnam is being taken over these passing 30 years of communism have been barbaric , but this is starting all over there are many being buried if in fact the bodies are given back.

The farms are systematically being poisoned, Water is been released to drown farms and thousands of snakes released. leaches are released in the water.

People of faith are destroyed the pacifist are being murdered by the droves people whom have dedicated their whole lives in service

Watch “China Invading Vietnam and Polices represed the protest on June 10, 2018” on YouTube

View on YouTube


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