MAKE THIS VIRAL! “RED TIDE” Update – Hands Along The Water Siesta Key Florida #HandsAlongTheWater

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any TV crews there but if you share this video far and wide, it’ll get noticed. Thank you! 🙏

Please sign this petition, along with any others, if you feel guided to do so, recommended at the end of this one:

You can get really good “red tide” updates here:

Apparently, there are now 9 dead dolphins in the Siesta Key vicinity and Facebook is no longer allowing the sharing of this article . 😦

The following is from the local Hands Along the Water~ Sarasota Facebook page:

Join us as we show solidarity & join together as one ☝️ to rage against this created environmental tragedy against our waters, our sea life , our livelihoods, our lives! All across The Gulf from Naples on up , we will show support by joining hands creating a chain up the coast. Join us please! 😓😓🙏🌊🌊 Here’s the main link if you’re not in Sarasota ~

What if 5,000 or 10,000 of us
linked hands one morning on the beaches from Coast to Coast? We’d be on every TV station in the country. Do you have 15 minutes to spare for our beaches and wildlife?

Holding hands in solidarity to defend water and wildlife. #HandsAlongTheWater

On Sunday August 12 at 10am we want you to join us as we peacefully come together as one. By locking hands we will show that we do not, and will not, stand for our beautiful beaches, wildlife, homes and livelihoods to continuously be destroyed and impacted by the water released from Lake O.

At 10am we will gather & then at 10:15 am , we will lock hands for 15 minutes all across the beaches of this beautiful state- East Coast and Gulf Coast; North to South. At the end we will all raise our arms up to the sky, hand in hand, to show love to our wildlife, water, beaches, Mother Nature and one another. Join us in our peaceful movement. Can you give 15 minutes of your time to make an impact?

Meet at Siesta Key old pavilion area. Please give yourself enough time to find parking. We will be locking hands at 10:15 am sharp for 15 minutes.
1. Wear a mask for your safety.
2. Wear shoes on the beach.
3. Wear a blue/aqua colored shirt.
4. Please bring water in a reusable bottle.
5. Do not bring signs, banners, etc. as we don’t want any trash left behind.
6. For the safety of your pets please leave them at home.

We are not medical professionals & can not give medical advice. We simply suggest that you take your health & immune system into consideration when choosing to attend this event. We will be on public beaches at your own risk.
We strongly advise those with respiratory problems, weakened immume systems and others with health issues to stay home and make calls or write letters during this time. Red tide poses a risk to animals brought to the beach and can affect those that ingest the algae. Please leave your pets at home. Wear shoes when walking on the sand. This will help prevent puncture wounds from the spines or bones of dead fish.

This is a family event, being held by volunteers along the coasts. This event is not being sponsored by any organization. There will be no money or donations being collected, and we will not be promoting any one organization. We are locals that want our beaches back and to save marine life. We assume no responsibility. You are participating at your own risk.

📸For each local event we are looking for a few volunteers to take photos with their cameras and drones. If you are willing to do this please contact the host of your event’s location.

Please also join the statewide Hands Along the Water event page.

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