3 thoughts on “ecureteam10: NEWS BLACKOUT: Space Observatory Mysteriously LOCKED DOWN & Nobody… 9-12-18”

  1. Satan’s Ascension equals Elecution to pop out the EYEBALLS that take billions for your Eye-Eve Mind!!Ascension equals Mindless, Souless, Nameless, Homeless, Emotionless without your 3rd D Waterbody you will be Feelingless, Egoless, Goalless, Childless, Meaningless, Motherless, Phallicless, Wombless, workless, Purpiseless!!!! The New Age is Cancer, the Age of Home and Hearth!!! This World is being given back to the 2nd Dimension Animals! Watch out for the Cougars, Lions, Cheetas ,Packs of Wolves, Etc. You don’t Rule this World! And neither does Childish Jesus!!!!!Worship ME!!!!!T.D. Jakes, worth a Billion!!! Wake Up!!!! Worship Jesus!!!!!He Owns 87% of the Federal Reserve Bank! Satan- Sanat Kumara owns half of that!! They are Same Sex marriage partners! Wake Up ! Money won’t SAVE YOU From MY Wrath!!!!Eye of the Needle!!!!Remember!!!!!Jesus took the $800 Trillion at the Federal Reserve Audit in 1992!!!! But he lives to protect HIS GREED!!!!


  2. DONALD JOHN TRUMP owes Madison BANK And TRUST of Hong Cong $50,000,000,000.Billion Dollars ! I Own the Bank now Donald!!!! Better leave the Cabal ALONE!!!! I own the $1000 Trillion!!!And InAm Generous!!! Q-Anon, Sit Down and Shut. Up!!! NONE OF YOU Are THE JUDGE OF This World!!!! I AM!! Stop Trying To Save My Global Citizens!!!! I Am GOD And My ONLY Global Banker is Queen – Elect , Anne Marie Habsburg De Rothschilde Windsor-King, This Woman who is Eve, Mother of All Living! GET, IT, Mr. Dummy, Q-A non!!!! Better Hide!!!!!


  3. This is SO Childish!!!!!QFS isSatan’S. BS! This World is Not Named Ea-.Ra-Th!!!!!Dumb! And Donald Trump of Wes me $50,Billion Dollars!!!! And I Own The $800 Trillion that was Discovered at the 1992 Audit!!! You Sillies have been HAD!!!! Donald Trump Is Goon-Boy!!! Never grew UP!!!!! I Am That I AM!!! I AM Out of Patience!!! GOD!!! I warned YOU!!!! All Banks will BE Dissolved!!!Dong! Dinar! Please!!!! The Dollar belongs to GOD and The Royal Family is Mine!!!!


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