The steps necessary to take place in preparing the Vines Branch Trust to Eliminate World Poverty

1. Until the RV happens we have no money to work with so it is a time of planning.
2. Upon Funding we will set up offices and employ Key people to manage office matters.
3. Many homes will be purchased and furnished in anticipation of many People from around the world coming to live here in Northern Idaho and be a part of the Vines Branch Humanitarian plan to eliminate Poverty.
a. Large parcels of land will be purchased in The interior of continents as safe zones from Tsunomies and tidal waves to construct safe zones developed into RV sites and high density housing and shelter for those who may need to escape from large cites for safety from flooding.
b. Many new things will be developed in and for the cities such as new Water and sewage tech, new and more efficeient ways of construction and food production.

4. We will begin doing many things simultaniously.
a. We will have many people doing research on all the cities and the nations of the world. We will try to establish communications and friendships with key people of the community.
b. We will employ International Companies set up to establish Private Bank organizations to structure and control honest and safe ways of funding various humanitarian projects within each city.
c. We will set up teams and offices in each city to do training, banking, planing, construction, and helping the needy to rise above poverty to living in prosperity.

5. How we plan to find the right people with the right disposition and training for a specific job.
a. We will have many international conventions organizers and teachers who will conduct seminars where people will come to be tested and divided into groups depenting upon their education, talents, interests and ambitions. After extensive testing choices will be made by the individual to persue taining in the area of greatest potential to be at his or her best.

6. How we will set up teams to go to 280,000 cities to set up offices and establish private banks with Trust accounts.
a. Goals: Go to the city, set up an office and a banking building. Meet with the city leaders and ask them to assist in the choices that will be made. Hire office and banking staff in the city you are in. Analize, set up Plans for food and shelter to be provided to the needy of the city.
b. A 5 person team for each city committed to spend 90 days working with in the city to accomplish all goals.

7. At some point at least some of the nations will decide they want to quit dealing in and manufacturing war materials and instead build housing and food production plants. The people of the city will have the power of the city because the trust that is helping humanity is owned and operated by the people of that city.

8. It is expect that this will change the attitude of many organizations such as the united nations
and many services within the nations will be available to the humanitarian projects. such as military instalations, airports and embassies.

9. It is expected that the average ammount needed to totally restore all things and all people in all of the 280,000 cities of the world will require 400 Quad Trillion Dollars.
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