Wetterling Coverup: “Foundations of Society Will Be Shaken” Attorney Claims

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Program Description Part 2: Timothy Holmseth rejoins the program to discuss the bombshell information about the Jacob Wetterling case; the most famous missing child case in Minnesota state history. Like many other high profile missing child cases across the country, the real story is much different and much darker than has been shared with the public, until now.

Since this case is so sensitive, I want to make it clear that all facts shared in this video have been source from actual court or government documents.

Timothy Holmseth does an additional exclusive segment for my Patreons, based on all of his research, he gives his own opinion on what really happened with Jacob Wetterling. This material at this time is too sensitive for public release. You can see that at https://ift.tt/2wrRKOH

You can support Timothy Holmseth’s effort at the following websites:

Website: https://ift.tt/2x6t5Al
PAY PAL https://ift.tt/2z1e2u4
FUNDLY https://ift.tt/2x9CBTg
PATREON https://ift.tt/2x66HIf
#oneant https://ift.tt/2x6t8fv

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