Kate Forbes -Nourishing Gut Microbiome & Theraphi Trauma Solutions w/kids-

fractalu.com Sun.Oct 7,2018- Kate Forbes- ( http://www.purelife.org.za ) Theraphi healing trauma-with young people -and-nourishing gut micrombiome – 25 years experience in the field of detoxification, Microbiome restoration and their effect on the activation of health or disease. Microbiome and Genetic introduction -from Dr Royal Rife and Dr Bernard Jensen et al. Transition from symptomatic treatment to a massive health breakthrough in accessing the actual root map to disease with pro-active health care. The Pure Life Health Program integrates -chemistry, neuroscience and strategies to facilitate Epigenetic transformation as opposed to reactive treatments of symptomatic effects. – see this course slideshow and more: https://ift.tt/2CwmzIa
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