SouthFront Future Is Determined Within Few Days

SouthFront is a crowdfunded endeavor and operates only thanks to the audience’s donations and volunteer work of various people from around the world.
Despite having no ties to deep pockets of corporations and government, SouthFront experts and volunteers continue to produce in-depth analyses, exclusive videos, maps and infographics. Over the past few weeks, SouthFront has been able to expand production of maps on conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and North Sinai, release several new formats, like monitoring of US, British, Chinese, Russian and French aircraft carrier locations and deployments and operations of the Russian and Iranian navies, and relaunch live streams.
We also produced three comprehensive analyses about issues and challenges faced by the US and Russian militaries. This week, the team has started working on the analysis on issues with the US Special Operations Forces and the Russian Coastal Guard, and a comprehensive analysis of important and geopolitical developments in 2018.
Unfortunately, by the end of November, SouthFront has faced a serious crisis that threatens project operations. So far, the project has collected a half of the monthly budget and if the situation remains same, it will not be able to collect the minimum by the end of the month. In August, September and October, the project already faced financial problems. They were partially overcome thanks to personal contributions from team members. But now, our resources are exhausted.
Dear friends, all those who watch our war reports, live streams and documentaries, read and uses news and analyses on, if you want to assist SouthFront to remain an open source of coverage and analysis of conflict zones and military diplomatic developments around the globe, please, support the project.
SUPPORT INDEPENDENT VOICE: PayPal:, or via:, BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ, BCH: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq, ETH: 0x9f4cda013e354b8fc285bf4b9a60460cee7f7ea9
Sincerely yours,
SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

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