Freezing Temperatures Shatter Records, Stocks Dropping Like Bricks From the Sky, Latest Headlines

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Record Breaking Fires, Entire Cities Destroyed, Record Breaking Floods and Freezing
Gov Brown Signs Bill into Law, No Carbon Emissions entire state via production of energy 2045

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All 50 States deal with Freezing Temperatures

Storm brings record rainfall, snow to Southern California

Floods, Mudslides as Storm Wallops Southern California

Weather Forecasts

Florida Red Tide, Interactive Maps

Karenia brevis, Red Tide Cells

Dow Charts
NYSE Charts
Nasdaq Charts

BTC Chart

LTC Chart

Ebola Spreads to Major City in Congo

Emergency Maps

Iran H5N8 Bird Flu Virus Alert

Emergency Maps

Science Magazine, Summary December 2018

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Micro Cameras injected via syringe

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