True, Fake, or DANGEROUS ? Supernatural, Miracles, UFOs

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency explores the chasm between the supernatural and total baloney. What is ACTUALLY a case of a supernatural occurrence, and what is fabricated? Moreover, dive into the deeper philosophy regarding what might be potentially dangerous about intefacing with what lies beyond the physical. ET/MILAB abductions, altered states of consciousness, evil and more.

#DFairwaves #mermaidlife #divinefrequency
ON THE AIRWAVES RADIO – with Divine Frequency’s Teresa Yanaros

The times have changed and tides have shifted.
Let’s ride the Airwaves. You can hang us on Thursdays at 7:30pm Pacific Time, for deeper perspectives on a vast array of news media topics, from current events to popular culture.


Buy The Book, “What is Magic?” by Teresa Yanaros

A special thanks to Jimmy Church Radio, Fade to Black
and the Fadernauts!



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