Meet Su-25 – Russia’s ‘Most Effective’ Aircraft Employed In Syrian War

On June 6, 2018 the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV channel released a video [original in Russian: ] providing a look at Russia’s Su-25 attack aircraft. The modern motificatinos of the warplane, like the Su-25SM, were acrtively employed by the Russian Aerospace Forces during the main phase of their anti-terrorist operation in Syria.

The Su-25 Grach is a single-seat, twin-engine warplane developed in the USSR by Sukhoi. Its role is the close air support. The Su-25SM is an upgraded version of the warplane, which was designed in the framework of the Russian effort to upgrade its fleet of Su-25 jets in 2000s. The Su-25SM has expanded combat capabilities, enhancing its lethality, slashing operating and maintenance burden.

The warplane’s navigational accuracy was also improved improved and the ordnance’s efficiency was increased. The upgrade increased combat payload on the new MBD3-U2T-1 bomb racks up to 5,000 kg and expanded the ordnance list allowing R-73E air-to-air guided missiles and S-13T rockets.

The Su-25SM3 is the further upgraded version of Su-25 attack aircraft. The warplane got the advanced tactical EW suite “Vitebsk-25”, a new encrypted communications system with a range of 1000 km and updated navigation and armament control systems and other improvements allowing the attack aircraft to increase its operational capabilities.

Su-25 warplanes deployed in Syria played a key role in the Syrian conflict providing a close air support to anti-terrorist operation of pro-government forces across the country. National Interest foreign policy magazine even described the Su-25 as the “single most effective Russian aircraft deployed to Syria”.
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