Earth Controllers 1000 Years Ahead: Because of Plasma Science?

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Lately whistleblowers in the secret space program and elsewhere are claiming that world controllers exist that are 1000 years ahead of the rest of civilization. Assuming this is true, could this be due to their understanding and implementation of plasma science? My guest, Lisa MacDonald, is a plasma researcher whose recent experiments and the experiments of others, have shown that plasma science may be the real deal that could advance human society 1000 years into the future. According to Lisa MacDonald, advancement of plasma science will only occur in mass if our Universities and scientists have a complete paradigm shift. They must change how they look at basic science and how the world around us really works. While still being critical thinkers, we must become open minded and allow our minds to expand and grow to fully understand the exciting arena of plasma science. We must also allow ourselves to break some societal chains and look into the very notion of our our consciousness and how that relates to the world of plasma energy.

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