Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11 – Obama Begs For His Life

Billionaire financier George Soros has been arrested and is being detained in Switzerland for interrogation before being extradited to the United States where he will face a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. George W. Bush pleads guilty to high crimes and misdemeanors including 9/11. Barack Obama being detained at Gitmo, charged with High Treason, begs for his life. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!
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4 thoughts on “Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11 – Obama Begs For His Life”

  1. What’s really happening is they are being rounded up to save their lives This is a cover story!! The Elite are leaving the planet for outposts on spacecraft waiting to keep them safe from the coming disasters coming to Earth and once again we are falling for the lies, GITMO is nothing more than a secure facility where their wealth is being audited and taken off world along with the Elites. Not all Elites are invited though and a fight has broken out amongst the wealthy where some are allowed to go the rest will stay to perpetrate the story line of the century that justice is being served.


  2. Love your reports and want to sign up to get info if you no longer on u-tube. how can I support on monthly and not the big package? Hanna-BR


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