Hong Kong’s Youth Are Fighting For All Of Us—Lawyer Daniel Wong | American Thought Leaders

Just what exactly is the fate of the approximately five thousand Hong Kong protesters who have been arrested?

As a pro-bono lawyer for those Hong Kong protestors, what has Daniel Wong’s experience been like defending them?

And, how, in his view, have the police and Hong Kong authorities obstructed rule of law?

This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

Today we sit down with Daniel Wong, a frontline lawyer in the Hong Kong protests, and one of the many Pan-Democratic winners in the recent district council elections. He was one of 5 legislators allowed into Hong Kong Polytechnic University, or PolyU, during its 10 day police siege. A prominent advocate for Hong Kong democracy, he’s witnessed up close the changes taking place during these months-long protests.


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