Trump Cheers After Hillary Clinton Rigs Vote In Iowa—Democrats Aren’t So Amused

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An amusing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that it’s too early to talk about the timeframe and form of the anticipated nationwide vote on constitutional amendments, says it’s fortunate in these modern times that Russia has an election system where “all candidates have equal rights and equal responsibilities”, as opposed to the one in America where votes can be rigged seemingly at will—best exampled in the United States over the past few hours during the kickoff to its 2020 Presidential Election—a biennial electoral event for members of the Democratic and Republican Parties called the Iowa Caucuses—where, at 21:38 GMT+6 (9:38 P.M. local time) on 3 February, the Iowa Republican Party announced that an historic and record setting turnout resulted in President Donald Trump winning all of the party’s 37 delegates by his receiving 99% of caucus goers’ support—after which all eyes turned to the Iowa Democratic Party to see who won their caucus vote—seeing eyes, however, that were immediately blinded by the smoke coming from the “train wreck” of this Democrat caucus vote after Hillary Clinton “rose from her political grave to derail it”—a train wreck derailing caused by the mysterious software company named Shadow that created the application used to tabulate Democrat votes—whose company website provides scarce information on the people involved, other than to note that they formerly worked with the campaign of Hillary Clinton—and is owned by a company called Groundbase that was founded by Gerard Niemira, who worked for Hillary’s campaign during her 2016 failed election against Trump—with this mysterious company Shadow being further aided by Hillary’s campaign director in the 2016 election Robby Mook, as well Matt Rhodes, who was the campaign director in 2012 for the failed presidential bid of Mitt Romney—all of which shows that when you combine Hillary with any company having the word “shadow” in its name, sees this company being led by die-hard Hillary supporters, who joined themselves with a Trump-hating Romney whose secret Twitter name he uses is “Pierre Delecto”, and then allow them all to count the Democrat votes in Iowa—you’re guaranteed to get such headlines as “Dems Have a Cluster-Rama Up Here: Iowa Caucus Results Delayed Due to App Problems”, “You Only Have One Job, Iowa: Delay With US Democratic Party’s First Caucus Results Sparks Anger And Jokes Online” and “The Iowa Caucus Just Crashed And Burned And Democrats Will Never Hear The End Of It”—not to mention this debacle making the Trump camp gleeful as Democrats grapple with their Iowa mess—so gleeful, in fact, Trump’s campaign chief Brad Parscale comically pointed out the obvious with his Tweet saying “They can’t even run a caucus and they want to run the government”—who was followed by Donald Trump Jr. mockingly Tweeting the more than obvious question needing to asked about the Iowa vote: “Clinton the Winner?”…

via Trump Cheers After Hillary Clinton Rigs Vote In Iowa—Democrats Aren’t So Amused


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