Trump Solidifies “Fortress America” As Disease Fueled Global Economic Superstorm Gathers Strength

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today affirming President Putin’s stance that the changing situation in the Russian economy makes it possible and even necessary to amend the constitution, as it was impossible back in 1993 (when the present Russian Federation was founded on the collapsed foundation of Soviet communist socialism) to enshrine certain things in the law, not only in the constitution, but in any law whatsoever, because they didn’t exist, says last years 1.3% positive economic growth provides a firm footing for these changes to thrive in and benefit society—a firm footing needed by every nation in the world as Communist China has now declared a “Peoples War” on the deadly Covid-19 disease rampaging across the globe—is a war beginning at the same time China has ground to a halt with on the ground indicators confirming a worst-case scenario—that, in turn, has created a global economic superstorm whose casualties are mounting by the hour as Asian and European factories run short of parts—an economic superstorm crashing into Europe at the worst possible time as the Eurozone only grew by 0.1% in the last quarter while Germany’s economy is flatlining as a slowdown in spending and exports wipes out its growth—the consequences of which now see massive amounts of global wealth fleeing to America for safety, and to such an extent, the US Treasury yesterday was able to set its 30-year bonds at a record low yield—an astonishing feat accomplished by a President Donald Trump whose approval ratings tower above embattled European leaders, while at home 61% of the American people say their economic lives are better under Trump, scores better than any President dating back to 1992 when Gallup started tracking these numbers—and can rightly be called a “Fortress America” that Trump has guided into the largest economic expansion in US history—and as if that wasn’t enough winning, last year saw Trump leading the entire world in reducing greenhouse emissions, too…

via Trump Solidifies “Fortress America” As Disease Fueled Global Economic Superstorm Gathers Strength

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