They Died For The Crime Of What They Knew—Where Is Your Name On The Death List?

Special Report from Sister Ciara

My Dearest Friends:

The questions “What did she know?” and “Who wanted her silenced?” rushed to the forefront of my mind the other day when I heard of the tragic and sudden death of Miriam Wuolou, a barely known 34-year-old woman who was in her seventh month of pregnancy, except for those of us in the ecclesiastical world who knew Sister Miriam as the “gatekeeper” for Pope Francis.

For years Sister Miriam managed the Vatican guesthouse called Domus Sanctae Marthae (aka Santa Marta), where she worked as a kind of gatekeeper for Pope Francis, as well as for his bishops and cardinals—a place Pope Francis chose to live at after his Papal appointment in 2013 when he refused to live in the grand papal apartments in the Vatican because he found them too elaborate—and is where rumors began to swirl last year after she became pregnant, even though she had long been separated from her husband—and is, also, where her lifeless body was discovered this week—the most troubling aspect about being: “Investigators have heard several witnesses, including family, friends and acquaintances.  A circumstance that concerns suspicious investigators is the fact that the woman had been dead for several days but, despite being pregnant and suffering from a disease, no one was aware of the incident”.

In my mind’s questioning the mysterious death of Sister Miriam, it followed by less than 24-hours my asking myself “What did he know?” and “Who wanted him silenced?” when I heard about the, likewise, tragic death of Phil Haney, whom my Dear Sisters in their report to you this past week—Russian Disease Expert Talks To US Intel Expert About Coronavirus In Iran—She Gets Thrown Into Spanish Prison, He Gets Bullet In Head—revealed had recently talked to a Russian expert about the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, after which the Americans had the Russian woman thrown into a Spanish prison, and Mr. Haney was found dead with a bullet in his head—a more than likely assassination as Mr. Haney was a former US intelligence officer exposing crimes committed by the Obama administration—and when the mainstream media in America began reporting that Mr. Haney committed suicide, Amador County-California Sheriff Martin Ryan put out a statement saying: “Unfortunately, there was misinformation immediately being put out that we have determined Mr. Haney’s death to be a suicide. This is not the case”…

via They Died For The Crime Of What They Knew—Where Is Your Name On The Death List?

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