Socialist Rage Explodes After United States Supreme Court Fires Kill Shot At Leftist Judges

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grimly worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealing that “NATO has no intention to develop de-escalation and trust measures with Russia” as tens-of-thousands of Western troops begin their march towards Russian borders, says that while the malign American socialist warmongering factions are insanely willing to see their “Myth Of Moderate Nuclear War” exposed by the reality of tens-of-millions of deaths—as  The New Great Game gambit being called “Putin’s Folly Or Erdogan’s Rubicon” plays itself out on the battlefields of Syria over the coming days—a furious rearguard battle is being fought against these leftist maniacs by President Donald Trump—a furious battle being waged out of the sight of the otherwise propaganda-preoccupied American people having their attentions focused on political and coronavirus manufactured hysteria—and whose battlefield is a United States Supreme Court where its Trump-loyalist judges are returning their nation to the rule of law—who yesterday “readied a kill shot for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” in a case the MoFA likened to “the socialist Deep State being marched to the guillotine”—and after readying, then saw this Supreme Court firing another kill shot at leftist US Federal Judges in the case called Kansas v. Garcia—a case which beyond shockingly saw leftist US judges ruling that illegal aliens couldn’t be prosecuted for stealing the identities of American citizens and use them to gain jobs—but yesterday saw the Supreme Court ruling that illegal immigrants who use someone else’s information when filling out tax forms for employment can face criminal charges, despite federal laws that leftist judges claimed should prohibit such cases—with the most significant part of this ruling being its obliteration of what is called “implied preemption” that leftist US judges have used for decades to make up their own laws—a ruling that saw Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas waning these leftist judges in his majority opinion to “explicitly abandon” the practice of implied preemption based on a federal law’s “purposes and objectives”, with his further stating that implied preemption “impermissibly rests on judicial guesswork about broad federal policy objectives, legislative history, or generalized notions of congressional purposes that are not contained within the text of federal law”—all of which caused top socialist Democrat Party leader US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to explode in rage and declare:  “Donald Trump Is The Most Dangerous Person In Our Country’s History”…

via Socialist Rage Explodes After United States Supreme Court Fires Kill Shot At Leftist Judges

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