Until that Day – NO Child will be Safe
Freemasons – Leave These Kids Alone! No Freemason – at any level – should ever under any circumstances – be able to have any position of authority or administration involving the care or protection of Children.
Pedophiles in High Places – A Blueprint on How It Works
By George – Son of a Freemason Psychopath
Freemasonry Infiltrates Child Care Centre’s – Children’s Homes, Boys Clubs – Catholic Churches and Schools – Family Court Justice and Legal Systems
and Child Protection Agencies
Worldwide Satanic Ritual Child Abuse – Websites & Archives
No Isolated cases – No coincidences
Many Elite Freemasons are Satanists and Pedophiles
All Freemason Pedophiles are Protected by the First 3 Degrees
This is what the Freemason Manly P. Hall, who Masons highly regard as a modern day Masonic philosopher revealed about Masonry’s deception:
“Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity – an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect.
…it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate yet independent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of ‘free and accepted’ men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcanum arcanorum (secret or mystery). In each generation only a few are accepted into the inner sanctuary of the work.
Reference: Excellent Book ‘brotherhood of darkness’ by Dr Stanley Monteith – page 74
Unknown to most Masons, there is an occult side to Masonry. It is at levels in Masonry that most Masons never get to.
The Fundamental Truth Behind Freemasonry
Parasite Archons – Demon Soul Stealers and the Blood Sacrifices of Children
In his book Masonry “Beyond the Light”, William Schnoebelen (now a saved Christian) talks about his experiences as first a Satanist and then a Mason who passed through nearly all the Mason Degrees, including some that American Masons are unaware of; such as degrees in Masonry like the Egyptian rites of Masonry and the Paladin.
During his initiation into Palladium Masonry William sadly admits to standing with Masons, some who were also Satanists and chanting; “Glory and Love for Lucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! to God accursed! accursed! accursed!”. He says that hashish provides some of their ‘illumination’, taking after the 1st ‘Illuminati’ 18th century Mason Adam Weishaupt.
During the Palladium ‘program’ William tells how Masons promised to surrender themselves body and soul to Lucifer, usually for 7 years, and Lucifer promised to grant them all their worldly desires.
Through drugs and occult William says that they practiced opening the ‘Third Eye’ which when opened completely flooded their brains with the ‘pure’ consciousness of Lucifer himself–which is Satan’s counterfeit of the Christian’s ‘being born again’. He says one would then look at the world and people as Satan does.
William says that as this degree progressed, they had conversations with the dead and then went on to ‘marrying’ the dead when the demons ultimately possessed them entirely to a point that “there is no longer anyone home” in the host body. William says he experienced being linked mentally into a “vast spider web” of communication as part of an invisible army of slaves almost totally dependent on Satan.
Your oaths will be awful, and you will need to pledge to keep undefined secrets. And you will pledge to maintain these frivolous secrets under the penalty of death. This is an extrajudicial oath. And as such, contrary to the laws of the land. Yet you will be enticed to make them.
As a group they are officially known as the ‘Free and Accepted Masons,’ sometimes called the ‘Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.’ Most often they’re referred to simply as ‘Freemasons’ or ‘Masons.’
The I.N.R.I. ploy…
You may see the inscription I.N.R.I. in a Masonic lodge. To a Christian, it stands for that which was inscribed by Pilate above the Lord Jesus on His cross. It means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”. But according to the book ‘A Study in American Freemasonry’, pages 38-39, by Preuss, to a Mason it means: ‘Igne Natura Renovatur Integra’ or Entire Nature is Renovated by Fire.
The ultimate object of secret societies, even back to the days of Hermes, who many know as the ‘father of the occult’ – has been to take a new recruit with a belief in a personal God – and to ultimately, over time, change that recruit’s belief to believe that there is no God, and that the recruit is his own God. It’s just like Satan thinking before his fall, that he (Lucifer) is like God. Usually it is preferable and easier if that new recruit has a belief in God. Masonry requires a belief in ANY God, even a cow or a monkey.
The ‘secret society process’ is that the recruit indoctrinates himself with the secret society’s spiritual and mystical teachings, until at last this society’s teachings actually become the all-consuming focus of his life. Masonry keeps this deprogramming process quiet from the public, and also quiet to the first several levels of Masonry. Hermes was one of the earliest intellectuals to believe that he was his own authority, and that it was that old belief in a personal God and all that went with it (sorrow for sin, sorrow for greed, sorrow for not loving his neighbor, etc.) that kept him back in life.
The Solution – Mass Public Awareness
To All Warriors of Child Protection:
We must inform ourselves with the Knowledge of the ‘Real Truth’ – behind the Pathological lies of our corrupt government agencies to protect ourselves, our family and communities – this is our first priority. We must share our knowledge as widely as possible to as many people as possible within our communities – this is our second priority.
If it is within our means and capabilities, our third priority is to protect the victims of the Masonic Elite’s Clandestine Pedophile Rings.
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is For Good Men To Do Nothing
REMEMBER! – The Police, the Child Protection Agencies, the Justice System, the Secret Police Intelligence Agencies (A.S.I.O., M.I.5 and C.I.A) will Not protect these children – At the elite level they are the Pedophile Perpetrators and the Guardians of the rings!
The One Step Necessary to Permanently Eradicate All Ritual Satanic Child Abuse and All Pedophilia – Worldwide
NO FREEMASON – At Any Level of Witchcraft Initiation –
ALL Freemason Politicians – ALL Freemason Police Officers
ALL Freemason Family Court Judiciary – ALL Freemason Family Court Lawyers
ALL Freemason Psychiatrists and Child Psychologists
ALL Freemason Police Child Protection Officers
ALL Freemason Secret Military Intelligence Agents
ALL Freemasons assigned to the running of any Child Care Facility
Until that Day – NO Child will be Safe
Dedicated to Exposing the Freemasons Child Abuse Networks and Satanic Pedophile Rings
The People’s Council for the Protection of Children has been created to Inform All Truth Seekers of Justice and Liberty who are dedicated to fight against and Expose Organized Child Abuse in All its Forms.
Contrary to common illusion by non-Freemasons that Freemasonry is a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ – run for the ‘benefit of society’ –
Nothing could be further from the Truth.
Freemasonry at its very core is Evil and Satanic and All their interlinking Worldwide-web of Witchcraft Secret Societies are in reality – Criminal Cult Cabals
Run by Traitors – Predators – Psychopaths – Murderers and Pedophiles
Paedophiles of FREEMASONRY: Blair, Bush, the Royals, Jersey and Jimmy Saville EXPOSED
Conditioning Society, Normalizing Paedophilia – YouTube › watch
May 11, 2013 – Paedophiles of FREEMASONRY: Blair, Bush, the Royals, Jersey and Jimmy Saville … Exposure Update – The Jimmy Savile Investigation.
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