4 thoughts on “Charlie Ward Hints Next 90 Days JFK Jr. Total Takedown Trump Steps Aside NESARA/GESARA God Rules!”

  1. Charlie ward is a fraudster. He used the title Dr. When he got a parking ticket in the UK. He complained about the ticket and used the Dr. title in his complaint and got off paying the fine. He used the title ever since to make his garbage more believable. He is no more a doctor than my cat.


  2. Charlie got his info about the global economic shutdown from so called black hats can this be trusted?
    Charlie rose to youtube fame promoting Gregory Hallett as the new king whom he later claimed he knew was a fraud all along yet obviously used the story to grow his channel.
    Charlie suddenly became DR Ward. I don’t think he holds a doctorate because by his own admission he was in a cult until age 23. those people are never well educated.
    I liked him and what he had to say initially. I believe he is just promoting false hope at this point and has misled people with fraudulent claims. Like so many of the Q followers believing JFK Jr was going to come out as Trump’s running mate.
    Charlie also stated that the new financial system would be out in OCT. Didn’t happen.
    At some point you have to see that he and the entire Q movement is fake as there is no evidence of children being rescued nor tunnels being blown up nor massive arrests and all the other hopium lies being promoted to people who want to believe.
    Belief is not knowing.
    He has 3 million followers some of whom donate cash to his cause.
    Gee I wonder what he is really in it for…….


    1. First of all it is now October 6. There’s a long way before you can say he is wrong. The game has not yet finished so the other claims regarding Q must wait. I found no evidence that Dr. Charlie is a real doctor or otherwise unless he got an honorary degree from a university.


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