3 thoughts on “De Niro Publicly Shames Millions of Americans Who Voted Trump that he’ll REGRET Forever”

  1. I thought De Niro was executed 2 Months ago for His Crimes against Humanity/ raping Under Age Girls in Paris and the US!!! Plus His Criminal Pedofile activities with Obamas, Gates, Streep, ELLEN, Oprah and All of the Rest of the Hollywood Elites and Politicals who Obama gave METALS to for a Their Pedo Club, Cabsl, Illuminati and SATAN Worshippers at Our Whitehouse!!! I thought that at Guantanamo Bay Prison is Arresting, Trials and Execution ASAP for Their Crimes??? Also, have you heard about Obama was just a Cokehead, Bagman, Cover for 8 Years while Hillary Clinton was actually President shared with Biden?!!!?? This has surfaced!!!

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    1. I would like to know the answer to the question also. Are these people really executed or at getmo or waiting tribunal…confusing to me. Also did Biden lose his president elect status for real?


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