One thought on “Why Is Trump Bringing Troops Home from the Middle East?”

  1. Canada is Full of Chinese Army and Their Families since 2015 and we’re going to be part of Hillary Clinton’s WW111, PM Trudeau is still on House Arrest with 24/7 US Military Guards with His Phone and House so He can’t do what was planned Invade America from the North and We Americans will need Our National Guards & Military on America’s Soil!!! I don’t believe President Trump is bringing All US Troops back at once, but I have been saying that China was a main concern for WAR since Reagan years!!! The Chinese Government paid Their Women to have as many Children especially SONS as They could for Decades!!! No One listened to Me here in Vermont either about my Canadian Chinese Army right over the Vermont Boarder!!! It’s been promised by Presidents before They were elected to end this War and President Trump is a Man of His Word!!!


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