1. I have lived here in New Mexico all my life. Sorry to say,even thou I listen to you often,this time I’m really questioning the info you have regarding Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and since you are not from this state and under her “reign” you do not qualify to speak highly of this woman that has continued to keep our state under lock down,as the Dem that she is and by the way, she’s being looked at by Clone Biden, for his choice to be Sec Of Health for him, which by the way won’t happen since the real Biden has already been arrested and executed. Prior to this showing, which you are referring to, she had already given the orders of a 14 day lock down. Nov 16 thru Nov 30, we were to be on strict lock down quarantine.Stay at home, No family gatherings for Thanksgiving since we were on lock down. She, on the other hand, was out in Hawaii for her Thanksgiving gathering with her family,and we here in our state were in “quarantine/lock down”. On Dec 1, she continued to keep our state in the “Red- Zone” lock down except for the town of Los Alamos, (by the way she was born in Los Alamos) which she considered it to be the only town in the “Yellow-Zone” open somewhat. She claims the Covid19 #s are so high for the rest of the state, that she cannot open it up untill the numbers come down. (The numbers of positives are fake positives as are the tests). Big box stores are allowed open, with lines of 6 feet apart, masks are required, which for the elderly is dangerous having to wait out in the cold, She’s claiming hospitals are full to capacity.
    If you want a true info on who and what she go to Facebook: Republicans for New Mexico.
    Thank You.


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