My group was managing our XRP repayments and losses just fine until Nexo suspended trading of XRP without prior notice. They didn’t suspend it for them however, and sold of our XRP at a pittance! 90-96% LOSSES!!! FIX IT NEXO!!

I have 53 people in my Ripple to the MOON CLASS with 1.6 million XRP who lost 85-96% of their Nexo XRP holdings. Nexo stole our XRP when they suspended trading. We were keeping ahead of the price drop and retaining our XRP by repaying our loans, until they stopped us. Our Nexo accounts that were able to do the repayments only lost 13% of their XRP holdings. I have extensive records of us all making corrections and keeping ahead of the price drops, until they stopped us.

“I have a group of people that were affected to the tune now of 1 Million XRP which can end up being a significant amount of money in USD, specifically if we see 10X-100X gains the next few years. Especially if there’s litigation and it takes a couple years and the payout is in XRP. To add on to this, we just got word from a gentleman today on Twitter that he has an additional group of 50 with losses totaling an additional $1M USD. I am following up.

In any case, there is a company Nexo and their website is … Apparently they are registered with the SEC, but my understanding is that they are not a US company. I am not sure if that gives them “Nexus” in the US. In any case, there was a recent XRP crash. As you probably know, the SEC sued Ripple and the price crashed on 12/23. As the price was crashing, Nexo suddenly removed “XRP paybacks”, essentially “trapping” people in the loans as the price plummeted so that they could not pay back the loans, satisfy them, and essentially have some profit while avoiding liquidation.

Nexo’s reasoning for this was:

“Like everyone in the industry, wе’re currently evaluating the SEC vs. Ripple situation. Upon legal counsel we have temporarily put repayments in XRP on hold. Please note that withdrawals remain unaffected – you can withdraw your XRP at any time. Thank you for your understanding.”

The issue with this, of course is that if they were preventing sales to avoid an issue w/ the SEC of XRP to payback their loans, why did they go ahead and sell it themselves and liquidate people to the tune of at least 1M XRP (3 more people came forward today along.. raising the group to 9 I’ve found) only a few hours later?

Ultimately, one could look at this as theft. They pulled this move suddenly, at the time of impact of the news by removing a button preventing people from paying the loans. Their loans would have been satisfied, so it made no sense for them to allow us not to pay back the loans at a higher price. Their reasoning for pulling the button was out of “halting sales due to SEC concerns”… but, then they sold it later that day @ 0.21. One could look at this as a planned liquidity scam where they slaughter the weak to provide liquidity for whales to pick up at 0.21. Unless they made a “mistake”, this is
highly likely.

Essentially, I’m not sure if Nexo falls under US jurisdiction. If it does not, perhaps you know of an attorney in Switzerland, Grand Caymans, or Hungary. I am tracing their corporate structure now. It does appear they are registered w/ the SEC and they say they want to be an “SEC Compliant Financial Institution”. Their CEO has been on Bloomberg and they say they’re backed by a $100M Insurance Fund.

We are looking for the best attorney to work on contingency because most of us are in a very tough spot now. But, between about 6-9 of us that I’ve brought together now from Twitter and Reddit, we are at a tune of 1M XRP. I have told everyone to video record their Nexo account.

Also, I can say that in my life I have interviewed Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers, and 40 others CEOs for shows that have reached millions of unique visitors. I have also run multi-million dollar companies I started from scratch. At this moment, however, it is an extremely trying time to a degree someone would not even believe. I am not alone, I have others that were affected.” – @believelovesyou

“We’re 80+, we’re organized, we have 5M+ XRP of losses… Nexo either fixes this now and it’s 1.5M USD or if this goes to court and they pay out that XRP in some years you’re talking 120M USD … so which is it? Because we’re going to do what we have to do in this matter. Urge Nexo to fix it now and it’s better for you, us, Nexo and Crypto. Additionally, we go to court, we’re getting attorney’s fees and damages. We have several firms who work on contingency which is they get paid if they win. Nexo will be paying attorneys fees and damages and restitution in XRP at prices in multiple years from now. You, as Nexo holders, need to tell Nexo what to do about this. And if you don’t do it, remember, you’re next. Because if Nexo loses this case, who do you think is going to be left holding the bag? Ask yourself: Why did Nexo sell XRP at 0.21 if it prevented it’s users from selling much higher on the same day if it would have violated SEC regulations AND if it would have satisfied Nexo loans?” – @believelovesyou


“Hi Mike,

I’m with a group of 90+ Nexo users that has sprung up and organized
itself over the past 72 hours.

We understand you’ve insured Nexo for $100M against commercial theft
and theft by employees. We believe we have been victims of employee
theft at Nexo. We are organized, and taking action and want you to be
aware of this as this may become a problem for you. This can be solved
now, if Nexo does the right thing.

I am just sending you this notice as a courtesy as if Nexo fixes this
now, it is solved. If they don’t, it could become a criminal matter of
employee theft where you are responsible to payout a large
restitution. If XRP is worth $20 in 2 years, that’s 100M as we
estimate 5M+ XRP in damages, and new members are coming forward daily.

Nexo halted sales of XRP to satisfy loans at high prices suddenly,
without warning, citing the SEC – and then SOLD themselves to
liquidate users in, our opinion, a massive liquidity heist at 0.21
only hours later. If they were that concerned about the SEC they,
should have frozen ALL sales. 60+ Nexo Users agree and have organized.
If we would have been able to sell at a higher price, we would have
been in profit and Nexo loans would have been satisfied.
They either made a “mistake” or they purposefully performed a massive
liquidity heist which we feel is theft by literally removing a button
suddenly and then continuing the sales themselves. There is no logical
reason for this as their loans would have been satisfied at higher
prices AND their reasoning for disabling XRP sales for customers was
due to “SEC concerns”, which became irrelevant when they continued to
sell the XRP themselves hours later. Further, they’ve opened
themselves up to SEC complaints as my understanding is they are
registered w/ the SEC.

We’ve been in touch w/ 13 law firms in the US, are also contacting law
firms in the Grand Caymans and Estonia and that we have estimated
damages currently of 5 Million+ XRP. We have tracked down Nexo to
Sofia, Bulgaria and will file criminal complaints there with the

We have begun reaching out to Nexo last week, but they have done
nothing about the issue. Obviously, we are beyond furious about what

We do have confirmation Co-Founder Kosta Kantchev is personally aware
of this issue. Again, they have done nothing. We do suspect theft at
this point and a planned liquidity heist. It makes no logical sense to
disable a button that would have enabled the satisfaction of your
loans on the grounds of SEC concerns, and then sell yourselves by
liquidating users at 0.21 the same day, violating those concerns.

Again, this is just for informational purposes. The attorneys
obviously will name whatever parties they deem relevant in any legal
action. I would get in touch with Nexo and sort things out. The group
is moving fast and I do not control the group. I am just one of about
90+ people who has been severely affected.

Thank you,” – @believelovesyou



This is regarding a company doing business in Sofia, Bulgaria called Nexo. Their website is

I am with a group of 90+ customers who believe we are the victims of Cybercrime. Additionally, this is becoming an international case as we are filing police reports and lawsuits in various jurisdictions around the world, including with the SEC in the United States.

You can see Nexo’s office in Bulgaria here: and

This is very specific as it is related to Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency. So, hopefully you understand the issue. 90+ people that are now organized and voicing their concerns on the internet together believe Nexo conducted planned theft of nearing 6 Million XRP. XRP is the #3 largest Cryptocurrency in the world.

Nexo did the following: Nexo halted sales of XRP to satisfy loans at high prices suddenly without warning citing SEC and then SOLD themselves to liquidate users in our opinion massive liquidity heist at 0.21 – if they were concerned about SEC they should have frozen ALL sales.

So, Nexo lied about the reason they halted sales, they know that if users are unable to sell (they removed a button on their app suddenly), users would be liquidated because of a planned decline, and then they buy the Cryptocurrency at a lower rate.

Covers the Nexo Class Action
This is what Nexo were worried about!
They only froze the Uk accounts, they didn’t sell them off. They could have done this with us in Australia.
Looks like room to settle

We believe this is theft. Nexo lied about it’s reasoning to halt sales – because Nexo still sold – just after “trapping” people in loans so they could not sell at a high price and then selling themselves the cryptocurrency of everyone who has a loan with Nexo at a lower price.

Nexo provides loans for Cryptocurrency and the price must stay above a certain point, or Nexo sells it automatically.

Nexo will claim it is something about it’s terms that allowed them to do this. But, the proof it is theft and a crime is because they are lying about the reason they stopped the sales for ONLY customers to begin with. They cited concerns with a US SEC lawsuit that’s recently in the news. However, they didn’t halt sales at all, because they still liquidated (or STOLE – TOOK) the cryptocurrency of it’s customers after they disabled a critical payment option (XRP) at a low price. They will say that users could have paid in other options, but there is absolutely no reason to disable a payment method (XRP) and also THEY DISABLED IT FOR A FALSE REASON KNOWING THE PRICE WOULD FALL AND THEY COULD BUY.

I hope this is understandable for you. I am happy to answer any questions. But, this will become an international case and is a big issue for Bulgaria.” @believelovesyou

I will keep adding the progress to this article as it develops. – Brian

from Derek J

Contact me on if you wish to be involved with the Nexo Class Action and put JOIN NEXO CLASS ACTION in the subject line.


  1. Someone needs to beat your fucking skull in with a ball peen hammer……look over your shoulder, assfuck-it’s coming.


  2. Brian I love your entire conspiracy website, however I just saw the inauguration today and I saw a bunch of politicians and celebrities that are not supposed to be here.


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