2 thoughts on “House members debate 25th Amendment”

  1. I thought Nazi Bernie GUTMAN aka Sanders was at Guantanamo Bay Prison for Crimes against America , shadow President player in Clinton and Obama plan, another fake Presidential Race , buying 4 Mansion after dropping out again and I hoped He’d be Executed by now!!! I’m a Vermonter and I have fought with Bernie and His BS Socialism , corrupt Activities in Congress. and I’m sure President Trump’s Team Members have dirt on Bernie and crimes against America !! It’s really hard to be telling Family and Friends to prepare for a Lockdown for 10+ days and have supplies when Nothing happens!! My Millennial Daughter thinks it’s crazy BS and for Me to forget about everything!! I’m Trusting the Plan and it’s hard seeing People who supposedly have been Executed spouting off and on the News walking around too!!! Patriots are getting very frightened and nervous about the Future at this point!! Also, All of the Laptops and Drives that were left in Capital supposedly have many damaging Emails and photographs on Them too!!! Also, if the Owners of the Laptops show corruption these Senators and Congressmen & Congresswomen aren’t allowed to be any State’s Representatives and should be Arrested ASAP!!! Please give Patriots a few bits of information and TRUTH!! Thank you


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