2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats hold photo-op after impeachment vote”

  1. Good Morning, Sir!! I posted the actual Ingredients that are in just one box of COVID-19 Injections with 10 Injections per box and the Democrats and Republicans are All in on Hillary Clinton’s, Gates, Dr Fauci, Chinese Communist Party for Depopulation/WW111 and People who have gotten the Injections will start having Adverse Reactions and DIE from these Ingredients and that’s what those 500,000 Black Plastic Coffins WWG1WAG Soldiers found in EVERGREEN Company container are for Americans !!! It was sent to Me by an Australian Nurse who is trying to get the TRUTH out about the COVID-19 Injections and CCP Fact Checkers of Facebook have blocked Me for 30 Days from my Site!!! ANTIFA/ BLM Criminals are attacking people in All 50 States especially in Large Cities!!! Where are the WWG1WAG SOLDIERS, where is JFK Jr, President Trump , Lin Wood and All of President Trump Team??? What is happening with The Plan??? Patriots are asking for crumbs of True information about taking down US Criminals in Washington DC as Congress and House Representatives who are Our Traitors and control Americans Rights!! Patriots are still Trusting the Plan and We hope something happens with the Corrupt and Criminal Congress and House Representatives ASAP!!!


    1. The plan is still is place. Even if Biden is sworn in, there is still a plan and Trump will be POTUS for the next 4 years.


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