One thought on “NOT GOOD. Freshman Dem Calls for New Commision To Deal With Trump Supporters”

  1. Namaste ūüôŹ. The Awakened cannot sleep Forever aware and forgiveness is required. Not a prerequisite for comprehensive acquiescence. Overstand.? – Synonyms? Perceptions on perspectives. It‚Äôs always difficult For the truth to be heard. Yet, how many overstand the inference of one‚Äôs consciousness? The moral compass is included with our Vibrational signature frequency at our berth. Separation, it seems to be a forced practice/process. Who or whom teaches or shows this as a normal life behavior? Always know that what is missing is self awareness for forgiveness. Our species has been lied to since our arrival on Terra. { Earth }. Don‚Äôt be so hard on the self. Discernment is required for the truth to resonate with you or Ewe.


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