2 thoughts on “Media Blackout: Antifa ATTACKS Peaceful Protesters in Oregon”

  1. Dear Patriot, I am really not seeing any help from President Trump or JFK Jr or all of the good things that are happening right now at all or our Future!!!! I have been trusting the Plan and 3/4 of my Friends think I’m crazy thinking good things are going to happen and President Trump/ JFK Jr and the WWG1WAG Soldiers are fighting against the Nazis Deep State Members and All have been arrested and executed already!!!! Time and Time again you Post things are happening but People keep telling Me that You have been Lying 3/4 of the Time and the Truth is it’s over for Americans and the People of World ! I am still praying and hoping that you speak the TRUTH but it’s has to happen ASAP!! Patriots need to know or see ASAP that there’s hope!!! Oh, People are saying absolutely horrible things about You and All of Your Postings are make believe Lies!!!


    1. It looks like an event involving China “cracking” soon will be world wide news. I think that’s front and center right now.


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