2 thoughts on “Central Bank Digital Currencies are coming…”

  1. Not happening… GSR just went into effect – Gold Backed no Fed or Central Bank. Maybe try listening to something other then fake govt. and fake news. Also Hillary was executed last week…we are under military law, and so Joe has no power. No one is in Washington, people need to open their eyes.


    1. What’s “not happening?” Digital currency? If so, it sure is. The Rainbow currency (paper) is coming out first, then the digital. China has a crooked digital currency operation going now and it has to be destroyed first. Watch for the water.

      The rest you said is true, no biggie, we knew that. I’ll add one thing, POTUS Trump is still the President, won in a landslide. He works out of the Pentagon (i.e. your reference to military.) He said don’t believe anything you see or hear up until the very end. Everything is just a movie, it’s fake, not real. They’re still arresting crooks from the government.


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