1. THANK YOU! The Message to the Unvaccinated is so affirming and compassionate that I am near tears. I haven’t had one jab although everyone I know has. My son is a brand new doctor and he’s had 2 Moderna Jabs and 1 Booster, and he vaccinates people whenever he’s assigned to do so (he is in his 3rd year of residency). He believes in what he is doing, despite my pleas, my emails attaching scholarly facts and studies that reveal the truth, and even my attempts to nudge his moral compass having no impact whatsoever. I’ve even warned him that he is likely to be severely punished for his part when all is said and done. He also seems different, at this point, as if on autopilot and a bit zombie-like. Additionally, he’s frequently “under the weather” with sore throats, colds, mouth sores, and is losing weight he doesn’t want to lose or need to lose. He’s tired early evenings, which is uncharacteristic of him. I’m very sad about this and so afraid of losing him. Yesterday I read another analysis of what is really occurring and has occurred, written by philharper.substack.com/p/pfizers-own-data-showed-vaccine-creates [net loss on hospitalizations] – SEE Link Below. According to this fellow’s diligence, he came up with 1/1440 chance of a SAE (which includes death and debilitating illnesses) after one Pfizer Jab. Further, if one has gotten two Jabs, then his/her chance of a SAE drops down to half the 1440 — 720. Then we go even further if he/she has had the Booster equals half of 720 is 360. Therefore, anyone (my son) who has had TWO JABS and ONE BOOSTER has a 1/360 chance of a SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENT. As for myself, I research a great deal and although I’m no scientist, I have believed strongly in my perceptions and my intuition about this genocide. I warned everyone about the SAEs, even strangers when we got to talking in the elevator or wherever. Not a soul heeded my advice. SAD . . . Once again, many thanks for acknowledging that this has been a long and lonely journey. God Bless Us All… SUZANNE
    ūüźĎūüźĎūüźĎ And May the Sheeple Awaken.


  2. The Most Profoundly Important TRUTH, especially over the past couple of years, is the TRUTH about Viruses & Vaccines which NONE OF OUR LEADERS are telling us. This “incompetence” on the part of “all” of our PREACHERS, POLITICIANS, & MEDIA has enabled The Satanists, the creeps behind this COVID-19 “SCAM”, to literally murder MILLIONS of people, worldwide, and “steal” trillions of dollars from good and decent people.

    The TRUTH about Viruses is “KNOWN”, just heavily suppressed, even by “good” people like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, both of whom still believe Louis Pasteur was correct and that viruses “CAN” make you sick. They are both horribly incorrect which is destructive as Hell.

    The Truth about viruses has been given to us by DR. STEFAN LANKA, DR. LORRAINE DAY, DR. TOM COWAN, DR. ANDREW KAUFMAN, and many other “HONEST” Health experts.

    The truth is NO VIRUS CAN MKE “ANYONE” SICK. Since “all” vaccines, over the past 100 years, have been created by The Satanic Medical Mafia to protect us from a Virus, we now KNOW that NO VACCINE HAS “EVER” BEEN NECESSARY.

    The Truth is “EVERY” Virus-Related Pandemic or scare, for the past 100 years, has been a Satanist-ordered CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. The Corrupt Medical Establishment’s endless crimes against us are “covered up” or hidden from us by Our Corrupt Mainstream Media and Our Corrupt Government.

    The “most” influential people in America today are probably Tiger Woods, Tom Brady & Michael Jordan, yet because they have all been “FORCED” to sign NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements), none of them is “allowed”, by law, to SPEAK FREELY.

    WE NEED OUR SPORTS STARS to start tearing up their NDA’s and start telling us the TRUTH. For example, if Tiger Woods, Tom Brady & Michael Jordan all got together and started telling the American People the TRUTH about Viruses & Vaccines, there would NEVER BE ANOTHER PANDEMIC.

    Of course, all three of these great sports stars have already earned GIGANTIC FORTUNES. They don’t NEED any more money. They could have prevented this Pandemic had they gotten together and “sold” America the Truth about Viruses & Vaccines. America would BELIEVE THEM!!!

    Of course, they are all, most likely, “ignorant” of the Most Profound Truths themselves, and that’s why a person like me has been so heavily censored in the past. The Satanists don’t want such POWERFUL INFLUENCERS to become aware of the Truth.

    Someone like Tiger Woods may have a “loving” heart and feel an obligation to help the world in a TRULY MEANINGFUL WAY. He may feel guilty, upon learning the truth, and feel a strong obligation to tell the world the TRUTH.

    Like Richard Nixon once said, “If people don’t see it or hear it on TV, they won’t believe it.”

    Had TRUMP known the truth about Viruses & Vaccines, back in January, 2020, he could have stopped this CRIME before it could get off the ground. Of course, Trump trusted The Medical Mafia, like Fauci & Birx, surrounding him.

    Trump still seems to be ignorant regarding this PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT TRUTH. Hopefully, he will wake up and do the right thing, which is, ABOLISH “ALL” VACCINES A.S.A.P.

    When you study thousands of cases of AUTISM, all of which were caused by VACCINES, you realize that in many of these cases, the Vaccine related DAMAGE is “far” worse than having been “RAPED”.

    In a FAR more enlightened culture, ALL VACCINES, just like RAPE, will be “illegal”.


  3. Well said, thank you!!!¬† Fortunately I am a retired unvaxxed too and never had any flu shots but I use natural medicine and herbs.¬† My son who is a Biologist was required to have CV 19 shot at work so I told him to prepare himself to lose his job and so with my husband.¬† But with prayers miracle happened¬† the vax mandate stopped but they have to go through weekly PCR Test so I instruct them to put anti virus essential oil at the tip of their nose.¬† But sadly family members stopped inviting us to family events – it’s OK but I pray for them that their vax won’t affect them in the future.¬† GOD BLESS US ALL. Sent from AT&T Yahoo Mail on Android

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