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– George Webb covers this extensively.

Day 104.2 Comey’s Lockheed Connection – Whelan’s GKN An Assist To Cheney

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Day 103.1 Putting It All Together – Brennan, Freeh, Schmitz, Mueller, Barr

KGB Armament – Affiliated With Armory in Bulgaria

The Washington Post: Suppliers of weapons to Syria may have used Ukrainian sea port in Mykolayiv Oblast

“Ukraine could have been one of the main sources of arms shipments to the Balkans during the war, despite the embargo”

The report lists the business consortium Kaalbye Group as a key player in the network.

“The firm’s senior managers have business and professional ties to officials at the highest levels of the Russian and Ukrainian governments and arms industries, connections confirmed in company Web sites and trade publications,” the article states. “One co-founder, Igor Urbansky, was a deputy minister of transportation in Ukraine. Another co-founder, Boris Kogan, is also a board member of RT Logistika, a subsidiary of a large, state-owned Russian industrial consortium that includes Russia’s most prominent military export firm, Rosoboronexport. The consortium is headed by Sergei Chemezov, a close Putin ally. All of RT-Logistika’s other board members are senior defense officials, including the director of logistics for Rosoboronexport.”

The C4ADS analysts found that several Syrian cargo ships made a dozen or more round trips between Oktyabrsk and one of Syria’s three main ports between January 2012 and the middle of 2013, but the shipping records did not allow them to tell whether the boats were carrying military supplies or more innocuous cargo. Kaalbye’s entire fleet of seven freighters picked up cargo in Oktyabrsk over the past 18 months, the report said quoted by The Washington Post, and then, in the case of the Ocean Fortune, disappeared from at least three global databases that record transponder data for international shipping.

KGB Armament LLC in Pompano Beach, FL at same location as Technical Firearms Academy run by Andy Blaschik and Dave Sanders has 1000 yard shooting range

Andy teaches people how to shoot machine guns. Has a 1000 yard shooting range. Great for sniper training.

The Tactical Firearms Academy staff have more than 50 years of combined expertise in firearms training. All of our instructors are licensed with the State of Florida and insured through the NRA instructor programs. All instructors maintain an active status in the public and private law enforcement world.
Font and colors of logo are same as Armory in Bulgaria. Black and red.

Please note, machine guns are only good close range. Only snipers would have a need to shoot on a 1000-foot range. In Miami, you can use a public park at no cost. The cost is the $295 fee Tactical charges for their nine-hour sniper and machine gun training class.
Trail Glades Range – Miami-Dade County
The Trail Glades Sport Shooting Range offers a 7-yard to 100-yard pistol range, a 25 to 100-yard rifle range, five skeet fields, six trap fields, one international skeet field and a 69 position pistol/rifle range.
Their KGB Armory is only Class Three gun dealer. Unable to sell automatic weapons and silencers. That is what they need Paul Whelan’s Aquila Armory for. He is Class One (avoid using Tier One) guns dealer and IMPORTER. He can sell anything used by the U.S. military!!!!

Trail Glades Range
Trail Glades Range Since 1952. Operated by the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, the Trail Glades Range is a popular venue for both novice and avid shooters.
Did Parkland High School and Las Vegas shooters receive training in Florida at Trail Glades Range? Perfectly legal.

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