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Gab… being “attacked”… Founder says “Gab will likely be down for weeks” (and a note from Neon Revolt)

[Update from Andrew Torba: GAB IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE I don’t care what we have to do, I don’t care what it takes. We will build everything from the ground up if we have to. We may be down for a few weeks. The truth is we do not know yet. We are working on solutions. We will figure it out…


One more from 10-29-18… “You can’t stop an idea” (and a couple related videos)

Another note from Andrew Torba. As I mentioned in yesterday’s Gab post, this is all backfiring on those who try to take down these “free speech” social media platforms. Styx666 lays out some rationale for why Gab was “taken down”, temporarily (it’s about $$, in part)…