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Concentration Camp Model Created By Hillary Clinton In Africa Warned Is Coming To America – WhatDoesItMean

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September 10, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An absolutely chilling Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the massive concentration camps overseen by Hillary Clinton in the West African nation of Ghana is a “model/experiment” she is planning to install in American should she win the presidency—and whose first victims will be the tens-of-millions of those people who support her opponent Donald Trump, and who yesterday she branded as a “basket of deplorables and warned her supporters were “irredeemable” and “not America. [Note: Obama-Clinton hatred of both Russia and Israel is due to neither of these nations acceptance of what is called open border globalization.] [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


According to this report, Federation intelligence analysts have known for decades that Hillary Clinton is part of a leftist-communistic elite cabal (that includes President Obama) operating as a fifth column [a group of people who undermine a larger group] in the United States led by the teachings of her mentor Saul Alinsky—and who in the 1970’s were discovered by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to be plotting the murder of over 20 million Americans.

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Is This Hillary Clinton’s Roadmap For America? | Zero Hedge

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As Conservative Review’s Jen Kuznicki explains, in 1993, the president of Wellesley College approved a new rule upon being contacted by Bill Clinton’s White House. The rule stated that all senior theses written by a president or first lady of the United States would be kept under lock and key. The rule was meant to keep the public ignorant about the radical ties of the first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to the radical Marxist organizer, Saul Alinsky. The 92-page thesis was titled, “There is only the fight…: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.” The thesis became unlocked after the Clintons left the White House and is now posted online.

After being ruled by Barack Obama, another Alinskyite, for 8 years, perhaps one might think the fact that the modern Democratic Party is completely taken over by Alinskyites is old news, but the connection between Alinsky and Hillary is special.

Hillary describes Alinsky as a “neo-Hobbesian who objects to the consensual mystique surrounding political processes; for him, conflict is the route to power.” Alinsky’s central focus, she notes, is that the community organizer must understand that conflict will arise and to redirect it and, as she quoted him in her thesis, be “…dedicated to changing the character of life of a particular community [and] has an initial function of serving as an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions… to provide a channel into which they can pour their frustration of the past; to create a mechanism which can drain off underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long a time. When those who represent the status quo label you [i.e. the community organizer] as an ‘agitator’ they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your function–to agitate to the point of conflict.”

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