DR WILLIAM MOUNT: CIA Destroying Venezuela – Why??

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Video:…CIA Destroying Venezuela – Why? – YouTube

Why is the CIA using US Tax Payer Dollars to destroy the once prosperous Venezuela

Why have most of the people been moved into the cities, farms being destroyed at an alarming pace, and food now being cut off to the over 30 Million people there?

Why is the Oil Money not being allowed to be distributed to the people to solve their food crisis?

Where are the relief agencies – UN, World Vision, Red Cross, Baptist Churches not there assisting with Food Distribution across their nation?

(((((Perhaps they are too busy trying to destroy Russia and China?)))))

The nation is 96% Catholic, where is the Catholic Church Relief Agency?

Why is this now spilling over into Brazil and what awaits us here in Europe and America?

The answer may lie here – in the US Geology and Mineral Resource Assessment Of the Venezuelan Guyana Shield conducted by the United States in 1993



There is enough Gold and Diamond resources in Venezuela and now Brazil to over turn the New World Order Financial System

If the people of South America, or here in America, were allowed to mine know mineral resources the amount of gold  and Diamonds in the world may Quadruple within a decade

The entire New World Order plan of Complete Economic Dominance would collapse.


Did you really expect it to be anything else, really?

Please pray that the CIA is routed out of the back country of Venezuela and all traitors in the leadership of Venezuela are removed immediately

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
For you Intel Geeks:

Contain the NGOs, American Embassy and Russian Red Cross, heavily watch those from the West coming to make “Oil Deals” and Medvedev may be safe….maybe……

You asked for this Russia (And Pres Xi of China) by ignoring what GOD told you to do, now your lives may be at stake.

What good is all your riches when you are dead???????

Grocery Store Shelves:


What awaits North American’s if we Loot and Riot:

Food Lines:



The World Factbook

Source: http://drwilliammount.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/us-venezuela-why-video-why-is-cia-using.html?m=1

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