DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Obama Calls For Gun Control – Right On Q

Sunday, July 10, 2016

PER OUR January 2016 Intel Report

Video: Obama Calls For Gun Control – Right On Q – YouTube

They are all actors on a stage meant to send out enormous amounts of fear that their Demons feed on

And – it’s working, isn’t it???

Remember the last “Depot Of Homeland Security Earth Quake Drill”???

A 5.2 Earthquake in San Diego on the last day???

Now they have a fake “Police Shooting” a few days after a Mock Drill 10 miles North West of the Dallas shootings?

President Obama is now demanding Gun Control as the US Senate considers 4 bills that have held on to for over a month.

What Congress and President Obama have they have been waiting for  the 9th shooting – the FAKE Dallas shootings done by a “Lone Veteran” who hates whites

Now they will have his Army Budies speak out…watch…

Remember The Orange Training Pistol

Except – Congress is a little leary about passing such legislation. If they remove the Law Biding Gun Owners then they  will more than likely be killed by the Drug Dealers the cops FBI gives Pistols to.

So what else is happening, what else is scripted???

1.….Deutch Bank – on Q – stated it is giving up

Will Deutch Bank close it’s doors???

Let’s take a look and see…..

It all depends on how much Hate and Fear they the elites wish to send out on the public

2.….Australia refuses to pay it’s bond holders and the S & P downgrades it to an AA-1 rating???

The are scripted to begin shutting down the European and American Banking Systems in August with a culmination 14 September of this year and then terminate food distribution by that date

You know – welfare cut, frequencies turned up on high to make people mad, food riots, looting, Martial Law, Election Cancelled…….the whole gambit of murder, rape, destruction ….. Typical Lucifarian Crap gone mad……

Pray they fail
Pray your family is ready for what they are trying to do as well.

You are the smartest, most informed, most active  audience in the world

YOU ARE making a difference

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

For you Intel Geeks:

San Diego Holds Fake Shooting Drill 10 July 2016 – here we go again…..

another Shooting to be done 18-22 July 2016, San Diego?????????????????

Walmart, National City, 19 July – just a total guess…

NMCSD security force and SDPD hold an active shooter drill at Naval Branch Health Clinic, Kearny Mesa | Military Medical

Where to buy food, medicine….

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Where to get Sea weed:

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Sustainably Harvested and Certified Organic

Obama Blames “Easy Access To Guns” For Surge In Violence Between Police And Minorities | Zero Hedge

Obama jokes about Martial Law, FEMA and gun grabs. – YouTube

Deutsche Bank Gives Up: “We Can’t Think Of A Time The S&P Was More Disjointed From Everything” | Zero Hedge

Active Shooter Drill Took Place 8 Days Before Dallas Massacre – THOMAS DISHAW.COM

S&P downgrades Australia’s sovereign credit rating outlook from stable to negative

Deutsche Bank Resolution Plan Section 1: Public Section

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Obama Calls For Gun Control – Right On Q

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