Kp Message 7-20-16… “A Lot of Clearance Sales, ‘Stuff Bundling’, and Movement” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Well, that’s a lot. And here I am, at 0233 HST, feeling like there’s something to DO tomorrow (we shall see what that might be), and still “powerfully” drawn to write this thing.

So I have noticed that all those three things in the title are “happening”. Let me explain.

  • Clearance sales: many I know (me included) are having to release a lot of “stuff”… material, mental, emotional, who knows what. For myself, it’s been a lot of limiting ideas about certain things.
  • “Stuff bundling”: many I know (me included) are going through all kinds of “stuff”, and it seems they’re all being “bundled together” so all that “stuff” comes up all at once. I mean, I’ve had a physical-type body procedure, having to replace all the brakes on my car, contact lenses to be renewed (upgraded; vision seems to be improving), a type of insurance running out, going through the infamous “Days of Flattening”… All at once. Holy Crap!
  • Movement: many I know (me included) are getting strong encouragements (or hints about) new movements and/or directions of movements… physical, inner, outer, perhaps emotional, mental, dental, spiritual. But movement… kind of like the voice saying, “You’ll be moving soon, so just get your inner movement started so you can receive the Guidance about where you are needed to go in the outer!”

One particular thing I got yesterday, was to refrain from judging any of these movements. I paid for my brakes to be replaced, and I know I paid much more than if I’d taken the car somewhere else. However, my own Inner “movement” Guidance was very clear: “Get it done… NOW (that was Monday). The money will be provided.” And it was.

And someone pointed out to me today (okay, yesterday) that oftentimes we may be called to “contribute to the planetary currency economy”, in a bigger way than the ego feels is “right”. The ego wants to argue about it. But many times the “currency economy” is calling for our input, perhaps to support some people who need it, perhaps to just open some channels for others to experience their own version of “prosperity”. Perhaps it’s just part of dropping some of our “currency fatness”.

Anyway, I may be involved in some type of “movement” later today… we shall see. But whatever it is, I will go in Joy, and (if driving is called for) drive with the freedom of a bird (or Mr. Toad) in flight!

Aloha to all, Kp

Source: Kp Message 7-20-16… “A Lot of Clearance Sales, ‘Stuff Bundling’, and Movement” | Kauilapele’s Blog

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