DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Governor Kasich Authotizes Riot At RNC

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Video: Governor Kasich Authorizes Riots At RNC – YouTube

Yes – you heard that correctly

Ohio National Guard Crisis Actors tried to create a riot at the Republican National Convention

Yup – Governor John Kasich’s State

So before these riots occurred we

1) Called the Governor and Lt Governor’s Office – no answer

2) Facebooked the Ohio Governor’s office and John Kasich for President showing the Crisis Actors HE authorized to conduct the riots

3) Posted on the White House Facebook Page asking who in the White House signed the National Defense Authorization Act authorizing this Crisis Actor “Riot” at the RNC

4) Called the Stadium Security at the RNC and warned them of the upcoming “Riot” by the Ohio National Guard – they were confused and Pissed

They all then got very, very angry when they were called out on Monday so I turned off my Cell Phone for the rest the day because of their harassment


Patriot Act – If we are aware of a threat to our President or any city we are required to notify the authorities

Since the FBI and Homeland Security are untrustworthy we notified the President, the Governor, the Stadium, and YOU , the smartest, most engaged, and one of the largest audiences in the world.

Hey = they wrote the Act, not me


Well – on Tuesday several Ohio National Guard Crisis Actors – trained at the Revena National Guard Facility on Monday – showed up outside the Stadium and began burning an American Flag.

The Bikers were going to stomp their faces into the ground but the local Fire Department came and arrested them for having an “Unauthorized Fire” without a permit. The man trying to Burn the Flag actually caught himself on fire and HE had to be put out.

The Crisis Actors were apparently not very smart

When the Police arrived they sort of stomped their faces into the ground and arrested them – they had NO sense of Humor in this matter.


So in his attempt to run for President Governor John Kasich authorized hiring Crisis Actors, the burning of a flag, and a riot – all treasonous offenses Governor Kasich – you should have embezzled the money used for the Crisis Actors – maybe you would have won a second state.


So Hillary is trying to start a Full Scale Nuclear War while Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich is Burning the American Flag and catching his own Crisis Actors on fire

Good Lord – can you imagine the Lawsuits that will follow???


These Shenanigans all make Donald Trump look like a Saint to us Common Folks


Then in walks Ted Cruz to the Convention – who was booed off the stage and his wife was escorted out of the Stadium as chants of “Goldman Sacks” Roared throughout the stadium.


People are waking up fast.


Please pray that these politicians repent and turn towards GOD immediately.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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Governor Kasich

Governor John Kasich.jpg

Funded This:

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Role Players needed to support Ohio National Guard Emergency Response

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Governor Kasich Authotizes Riot At RNC


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