DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Its Unwinding As All US Military Bases On Alert

Video: Its All Unwinding – All US Military Bases On Alert – YouTube

It all seems to be unwinding.

Sorry about the  DRY story but we are on the verge of Turkey acquiring 266 Nukes right under the nose of Putin and Medvedev…and…  Erdogan (Turkish President) declaring himself the Chief Muslim Calif and going to war.

To the most active, most intelligent and one of the largest audiences in the world – we really need your focused prayer at this critical moment.

German tanks are headed into Poland in Preparation for Operation Pincer – the Invasion of Russia to begin in Mid-August.

Pray the war plans are cancelled

Incirlik US Air Force Base, which contains 266 Nuclear Weapons – is surrounded by 20,000 protesting Muslims and the base is only protected by 150 US Soldiers.

Under the order of Obama the rest of the 1475 troops are not allowed to carry pistols or rifles. They can detonate a Hydrogen Bomb but are not allowed to protect the nukes – that is around 1,325 Airman Obama will not allow to carry weapons. It is so critical there right now that General Dunford – head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, flew there last night to see what is going on.

That little Girly Boy Coward General Dunford is only concerned about getting the Opium Line open to Europe.

The White House has gone INSANE- Cady Whompus..Nutcases

Pray that they are either changed or removed immediately.

The Collapse of the Italian Banks has begun as Unicredit Bank has had their stock sales suspended – cash is King.

China begins inserting their SDR into the IMF today as the US Dollar begins to go away as the World’s Currency.

Finally – a 6.1 Earthquake off off India just occurred and it may be related to a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun

Just pray

Get ready

Hang on because it could be a rough ride.

All references are available on the net – except for the situation in Incirlik US Air Force Base — that you find out by calling their Media Folks on the base


The news You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Its Unwinding As All US Military Bases On Alert


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