DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking (Not) Another Hillary Critic Suicided

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Video…Shocking (Not) Another Hillary Critic Suicided – YouTube

And yet another Major Hillary Critic Bites The Dust – this time his name was Victor

Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home – the apparent victim of a gunshot wound.

Victor was 54 years old, at the peak of his writing career and the author of 20 books and 30 chapbooks and had written thousands of articles on all sorts of topics – including the corruption of the Clintons.

Thorn wrote the book THE CLINTON TRILOGY – three books that outlined the Clinton Sex Scandals, their Drug Running out of the US Air Force Base in Mena Arkansas, etc.

Thorn also started Babel Magazine in 2004

Bizarre  ‘Suicided” General

In another Bizarre “Suicided”  Major General Rossi – a Quiet Critic of the Clintons – was found dead at his house on Base at the age of 55. Major General Rossi had just been confirmed as the New Commander for US Space Command.

On the same subject – two EMP Pulses were detected over Donald Trump – one forcing his plane down on  12 July over Indianapolis forcing his plane down and one on 29 July forcing the elevator he was in to stop working.

Apparently the powers that be are trying to outright kill him and do not care who sees it

Note To Donald:

First – we warned you and your security failed to take the proper precautions

Second – there are ways to protect yourself against EMP Blast from the US ATMOSAT Satellites and the X-37 B Space Planes EMP generators:

Look at “Blocket Pocket’s” Beanie that is lined with Silver Wire. A baseball cap may be made using a similar Silver Wire Mesh to protect your noggin (Head) from EMP Blasts from above. Your entire security team needs to wear these hats

Third –  a very light vest may be lined with Copper Mesh and a “Dragon Suit” cloth – a bullet proof cloth – this will protect you from both Gun Shots and EMPs from the crowd.

Please keep in mind a Russian Oligarch tried to Kill Pres Putin not long ago with a hand held Microwave Pistol – so – be careful. We warned Putin – and this time he did not listen. He listens very well now, sort of.

Finally Donald – If you eat Immusist and keep Citricare on hand the CIA/FBI Black Plaque Pen discussed in COINTELCOPRO will be worthless

Call if you have any questions – the Hillary/Obama “Handlers” feel it is open season on you so – be careful. They will ramp up their attacks on you.

Donald – Dead is Dead and our job hear is to stop assassinations and Nuclear False Flags and expose the truth. You may call me and I can help in the design.

They will attempt to Kill You randomly – but there is a Satanic Random Number sequence they will use I am not familiar with.

Seventeen seems to be a number they like. So 12 July, 29 July, 15 August???

Let your security figure this one out but I see Open Season on you so protect yourself.

Wear Magnets

For you Intel Geeks

In exactly 89 days (+- 3) a large ship will pull into Bremerton Naval Base and explode in a Hiroshima Sized Blast that is non-nuclear. I believe it’s Nick Name is the Big I, in the same way we 1st Division alumni’s call the First Division “The Big Green Weenie”

(((Hooah to the 1st Engineers, 1st Infantry Division)))

This will be the last attempt by the Obama “Handlers” to stop the election and completely destroy a Naval Base and 3 or 4 old carriers.

The ship may be coming into port for a Refit – it may be a carrier of Chopper Carrier. We are not sure but the Bomb will be in the Bildge so make sure you go through the ship thoroughly before allowing it to come into port.

The bomb itself is a new type I am nit familiar with and the it will be combined with a new Toxic Nerve Gas 100 times more powerful that Sarin and was discovered in Hamilton Montana about a year ago. The containers will be red in color.

The bomb has Norfolk on it – in other words – it was funded by the Stealth Fleet out of Norfolk.

When we looked up the USNS “Big I” Google gave is The Bog Horn T-AO-198 — a refueler/ammo supply ship.

US Navy – stop it.

Please pray that the US Satanic Oligarchy (Hillary and her bunch) changes and turns to GOD immediately

Prepare your family for what is coming.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

A note to Obama Speech Writers: When we show Hillary unfit for office and you come out and say Trump is unfit for office – is this the best you can do – to repeat me???

Are your handlers that desperate???

Everything you and Hillary state will now come back on you – your own hate will come back on you – so HE has said it, so it shall be and ALL your doubles will be effected equally.

Obama – Hillary can not even get 10 people to a speech  in an area with over 1,000,000 people Omaha Nebraska.

Obama – didn’t you try to Nuke Omaha 7 years ago after throwing a Temper Tantrum and we did a TV special on it?????

UPDATE: Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead | American Free Press

Suicided At 54

Attempts On Trump…

Russian Fears Of Donald Trump Assassination Grow After Micro EMP Attacks Detected

USNS Big Horn

USNS Big Horn (T-AO-198) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

USNS Big Horn.jpg

Obama’s Attempt To Nuke Omaha Nebraska November 2009

Nuclear Attack On Nebraska US Air Force Base Foiled

With this:

That was knocked out of the air in a Nuclear Blast:

The Obama Administration Motto:

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking (Not) Another Hillary Critic Suicided

4 thoughts on “DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking (Not) Another Hillary Critic Suicided”

  1. They are all a sum total of the same deceptive, dark and evil fabric and should not be allowed to be in any level of public or private office. Take them off planet where they will be dealt with.

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  2. Dear author: If you are stupid enough to support Trump then your blog will not and should not grow, because you are really really stupid.


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