DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Weather Wars: Japan & Louisiana, Florida Next

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Video: Weather Wars Louisiana, Japan, Florida Next – YouTube

We have reached a point where this New Cold War is morphing into Assassinations and Weather Wars.

Backed by US loans to build weapons – just like the 1906 Japanese/Russian War – Japan is gearing up to take the Pacific as the Superior Race.

Several days ago China warned Japan that their threats of war to take over the Entire Pacific as the Superior Race were not take lightly.

Yesterday Japan was hit with not one, but two, Super Storms spouting winds of over 150 MPH and closing many airports along their Eastern Sea Board. This Japanese march towards FASCISM  does impress the Chinese.

On the Home Front Obama has been lining up invasion plans for Russia under Operation Pincer. Two nights ago it was ordered and no one acted. Not the US Air Force, not the US Artillery – no one.

The plan was to start an uprising on the boarder of Belarus and Russia near Krasney and then German and Polish Tanks were to come in to “Save The Day.”

Belarus was to over run in 2 days – complete take over by NATO run out of DC.

Belarus was not Impressed and was ready for this insane move ordered by those in the White House (Langley Fudge Boys).

Once the Russians were tipped off, and you began to pray – the “Ruckus” was stopped right before it started. The Russians do not put up with much Civil Disobedience. In fact – the Russians had a military show of strength there yesterday.

(I always doubt myself and it always happens the way GOD says it will – GOD is never wrong)

Now we are seeing huge Hurricanes headed to the most populated areas in the United States – the Entire East Coast.

Get ready for the weather wars folks – stock up and be ready.

The more the US and it’s Allies push for war the worse it will get.

Intended targets on the US East Coast include the DC/Langley area and the Capitol of Florida and the Naval Bases in the Carolinas.

Batten down the hatches folks.

In the mean time Hillary threatens to shut down the Internet if Elected and Obama is giving the Control of the US Internet to an Agency owned by the United Nations.

Just Great – double crossed by the Democratic Socialist Party again.

Everyone connected to the White House has gone utterly insane and apparently suicidal

We also discussed a US Military “General Recall” in October after Obama tries to destroy the United States by 14 September.

Now even Germany is considering a draft to bolster their army in October – a “Conscription.”

Bible: They will hide in their caves….

Please pray with me that this March Towards World War 3 ends now.

Pray also that the world wakes up and stops using weather to kill and that we unite as a race before it is too late and that Hillary’s and her 3 doubles turn towards GOD.

The News You Need

William B. Mount

Be Ready Folks for what is coming:

Food – Including Meds, Immusit and Citricare, Gymnema for Diabetics, Life Change Tea to help detox your body….

Water – Clean Water and a Filter

Toilet Paper – Never go wrong there if you are married

Ammunition – One gun and 20 rounds per trained person, otherwise: Bear Spray

Heat – a Way to heat your home – like a Propane Powered “Mr. Heater” with an Oxygen Sensor on it – or wood for the Fire Place

Communications – A way to get a hold of your neighbors

MeteoEarth.com – Interactive 3D globe brings weather to life

Japan weather: 2 storms hit country – CNN.com

Russia Orders Ships Away From American Waters, Warns “Storm Of Century” Likely To Strike

Russia sends in troops to to quell the “Riots.”

Russia risks scaring away remaining formal allies – Solidarity with Belarus Information Office

BBC Fake Story to cover up the organized “Riots.”

Fruit smugglers ‘upgrade’ Russian border road – BBC News

Russian troops on High Alert to repel NATO Invasion

Putin tones down rhetoric after Ukraine puts army on high alert for possible ‘full-scale Russian invasion’ | National Post

“In Preparation For Crisis” Germany Considers Bringing Back Military Service | Zero Hedge

Sorry about the lack of pictures but photos are hard to get form the Smlensk Region right now.

Further – Pictures of Storm Damage out of Japan have been blocked on all Internet Sites – this is Bizarre folks.

Pictures of the Storms, not storm damage….

Third Typhoon hits Hokkaido:

Third typhoon lashes Hokkaido, hundreds forced to evacuate:The Asahi Shimbun


Almost a complete Black Out of Storm Damage form Japan.

What are they hiding????

Japan – Smacked down by China and Russia

US East Coast – to be smacked down by Russia/US to increase Zika Threat

Louisiana –

That’s It: Massive flooding increases risk of ZIKA virus, which increases Monsanto and Dow Profits for spraying DDT and other compounds….since they are being thrown out of nation after nation and their profits are plummeting.

Marshal Law, Spraying DDT, Agent Orange and giving the population Cancer, deformed babies, etc.  so they make money.


Get Ready NOW:


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Stock Up On Survival Food Today! –


Great Tea To Rid Your Body of Toxins! –


IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!




Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Sustainably Harvested and Certified Organic


Essential Oils | Uncle Harry’s Natural Products

These are not nice people:

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Weather Wars: Japan & Louisiana, Florida Next

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