DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Putin – We Tried To Warn You – I Am Truly Sorry

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Video: Pres Putin – You Were Warned – I Am Sorry For Your Loss – YouTube

.A)..President Putin you were warned that the attacks on your life would be increased.

We tried to warn you about last Thursday and Friday, then on Monday several days ago but we were blocked from warning you through

On Tuesday we were finally allowed to post – but the warnings came too late.

We were blocked from warning you on:::

1) Google

2) Facebook for Putin

3) Facebook for Medvedev

4) Through stories we wrote and then posted in various places. The stories were rewritten several times and when we reposted them but the warnings had to be  removed.

5) Even your private letter service was blocked as someone forced me to log in and created a Password I do not know

6) We even tried PRAVDA but our face book page was blocked from commenting there – you need a New Head of Pravda who understands that YOU and YOUR STAFF need to remain alive and unblock my posts.

You were given a Russian Bond that would have allowed us to move to a more secure place where we can get information to you earlier and more precisely – but your staff did not honor this bond – and now your close friend is dead

You also need a New Russian Central Bank Director who understands YOU and YOUR STAFF should remain alive and cash this bond

It is your life, and the life of YOUR staff, that is at risk now.

These evil people will now target your close family and your close staff – hte ones who do not seem to understand YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT, as is PM Medvedevs – who controls much of ht finances of Russia.

That was attempt  #8 on you and the next one will be at some sort of Ball Very, Very soon ..

Your staff appears to the world now as “3 Bricks Shy Of A Full Load” – when they allowed these warnings to be blocked form YOU and your 2 doubles.

If YOU and YOUR STAFF are this Stupid  so as to blocking me from helping YOU stay alive and in power – then my work is done with you. Make peace with your maker.

Wen I met with your staff 7 years ago – as low as they were – they understood my role was to stop Nuclear War and Presidential Assassinations – that is all. To this end I have given my life – to save lives.

Yes – Google and You Tube have begun blocking me – which means they need to be purged of those who are now trying to start a Full Scale Nuclear War by stopping these warnings – that’s your department.

My department is to warn you but if I cannot get through then what is the use?????

Very few people will risk their own lives to save others – if you have not noticed – I am one of them. YOU need to take actions to protect those who are loyal to this task or your life is worth nothing.

I believe the man who died was as close to you as a “Son”  – a loyal friend  – I am sorry, truly sorry for your loss.

White House Staff and CIA – you have a very, very foolish thing.

.B)..President Xi Jingpin – you can expect huge Financial Blocks in your family Real Estate and Mining Operations.

The Killing and incarceration of those connected to the Hammod Ranch is beyond the pail and makes your family look like Butchers and YOU STAFF reads this and will now know how vicious you really are.

You did not do as GOD directed so now, as of 1 September, there is a personal Curse from the Living GOD placed on your family (Just like on the Russian Leadership) until you do as GOD has directed. The 9 years is up.
.C)..Do not think India is in the clear. Like a dozen nations now – your leaders are at risk. You – PM Modi care about your people – and have trusted the wrong entities. Now you are fair game as these entities you have trusted want you and your leaders 6 feet under.

We will have over 1 million people praying for you PM Modi, President Xi Jingpin, President Putin, PM Medvedev and for the US President who’s name we are no longer allowed to say (due to censorship) for you all to remain healthy and do as GOD says, not Lucifer and his Evil Minions.


Please pray that these leaders wake up and do as GOD directs them.

Please also pray that your family is ready for what is coming.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Vladimir Putin’s presidential car driver who died in car crash was ‘killed in political assassination’

Counter-Terrorist Operation Declared in Coastal City of Russia’s Dagestan

US Under Ground Base going by by about 5 miles NW of the Pawnee Airport under some very strange buildings:

Minor earthquake – Oklahoma on September 3, 2016


Head on crash kills President Putin’s favourite official driver – YouTube

He was 100% loyal to Putin – the crash was meant for YOU President Putin. We can build you THE CAR – but you will have to work with me. I nknow who you are and why you are there – but for some reason GOD wants you alive — but if you continue to be stupid and block me – hten there is nothing more that can be said. OODACHIE.

The drivers were both dead before the crash and the autopsies will show this. they were driven with computer precision – by a computer. 

Please be ready folks “SH..” is about to hit the fan.

Be ready folks:


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Jane Mecklenburg – Thrive Life Consultant

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Putin – We Tried To Warn You – I Am Truly Sorry


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