DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Huge Asteroid Headed Towards Earth

Monday, September 19, 2016

Video: Huge Asteroid headed Towards Earth??? – YouTube

Chinese Purple Mountain Laboratory and Observatories – China’s Largest Telescopes – have discovered a Huge Asteroid that just narrowly missed Earth a few days ago

According to US Observatories it just missed Earth by 4,491,320 miles.

This asteroid similar in size to the one that killed off the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago. One small course change and we are all dead

Asteroid 2009ES is one of over 1,600 asteroids known as “Minor Bodies” currently headed towards  Earth according to the Chinese Academy of Science

This comes from the same Academy of Science that predicted that Nubiru would impact planet Earth back in 2012… All the way back to 1980..

So – what are they hiding?

1) NYC is in complete Marshal Law – with searches at Subways, Bus Stops – Commuting has become a nightmare

2) Haitian President Exposes Clinton Foundation for attempting to bribe him and he kept all the documents. Apparently they stole huge amounts of money from Haiti in 2010 and now it is coming out

3) The Cease Fire has broken down in Syria as US Forces again begin killing – just killing all over Syria.

4) The White House has permanently settled over 680,000 Muslims into the United States. All 3 Suspects – the bomber in NYC, the Bomber in New Jersey, and the Knife Wielding Murderer in Minnesota were all recent Muslim Immigrants.

So while you are focused on some mythical Asteroid or the Dinar Revalue those on top are purposefully destroying America.

25 Million Unemployed Americans

25 Million Employed Foreigners

Pray for your family that they are ready for what is now coming – Gas Shortages, empty grocery store shelves, little money

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The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Commuting Nightmare Looms: NYC At “Highest Alert Since 9/11” As UN Meetings Get Underway | Zero Hedge

Under Secretary Clinton, U.S. Permanently Resettled 31,000 Somali Migrants … 680,000 Migrants from Muslim Nations! « InvestmentWatch

Apocalyptic asteroid with power of 3 billion nukes may be headed for Earth – AOL

Under Secretary Clinton, U.S. Permanently Resettled 31,000 Somali Migrants … 680,000 Migrants from Muslim Nations! « InvestmentWatch

Asteroid With Power Of ‘Three Billion Nukes’ Narrowly Misses Earth

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giphy 8 2

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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Huge Asteroid Headed Towards Earth


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