UPDATED: FULL REPORT: Khazarian mafia chickens coming home to roost in the Year of the Rooster

Message from Benjamin Fulford

“As ye shall sow, so you shall reap,” has never been more true than in 2016 when the Khazarian mafia’s long list of crimes against humanity began to finally catch up with them. That year saw the removal from power and/or from this world of many top Khazarian mobsters including the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons and top henchmen like George Soros and Barack Obama. We also saw a revolt in the Anglo Saxon world that led to the end of Khazarian controlled regimes in the UK (Brexit) and the US (the election of the Donald Trump military government). Now in 2017, the Year of the Rooster, their chickens are really going to come home to roost. This will be the year of mass arrests, war crime trials and regime change as the final mop up of Khazarian mob rule takes place, sources in the Pentagon, the Gnostic Illuminati, Asian Secret Societies and the White Dragon Society all agree.

In the US, the arrest of over 15,000 Khazarian mobsters by the FBI already began January 1st, Pentagon sources say. The perpetrators of 911, the illegal Iraq invasion, the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear terror attacks on Japan and other crimes against humanity are being rounded up and there will be public disclosure about this in all major mass media, WDS sources promise.

“Cabal underground bases in Nevada, Denver, New Zealand as well as a cloning base under Camp David were destroyed and more bases in Australia, San Diego, Hawaii and Arkansas may be targeted,” the Pentagon sources report. “As Cabalists seek to escape to New Zealand, Congo, Brazil, or Paraguay, there may be more kinetic actions to stop them,” the sources promise.

In Asia meanwhile, there is fear, confusion and hope as the full implications of the decapitation of the Khazarian mafia begin to sink in at government level, multiple sources agree. There has been an especially large of amount of secret activity in Japan, Japanese right wing sources say.

We have confirmed from sources in the Japanese Royal Family and in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that Supreme Court Judge Hisashi Owada, who is also father to Princess Masako was

detained in Switzerland last week at the BIS when he was caught trying to cash some Sino-Japanese war reparations bonds. Owada was trying to cash the bonds to make up for losses incurred by former Japanese Prime Ministers Yasuo Fukuda and Junnichiro Koizumi when they invested special Japanese Foreign Ministry funds in stocks, the sources say. “He may be the Crown Princesses’ father but he is not the Emperor and that is why he was arrested,” a Japanese right winger close to the imperial family noted.

Owada was one of the Rockefeller’s most senior agents in Japan and his detention has sent shock waves through the Japanese establishment. Another senior Rockefeller agent, Yotaro Kobayashi of the Trilateral Commission has also been trying, in vain, to cash large denomination financial instruments while claiming there is no such thing as the dragon family. Yakuza agents have been dispatched to deal with him, Japanese right wing sources say.

The Chinese and Japanese establishments, which both invested heavily in the campaign of Hillary Clinton for President of the US are still reeling with shock over this loss which finally drove home to them the reality of regime change at the very highest level in the West.

The Japanese Emperors’ announced abdication, now expected to be formalized in April, did not take place in time for Khazarian agents to complete their planned hijacking of the Bank of Japan as can be seen by the detention of Owada.

The revelation that the mother of the Meiji Emperor was a Hapsburg Princess has sent shockwaves through the extended Imperial Family, the right wingers noted. It is now obvious to them the plan to use the female line to take over the patrilineal Japanese Imperial Family was behind the infiltration of Owada’s daughter Masako into the royal household, Japanese Royal Family members say. That is why there was such a big media campaign recently to allow a female to take over the throne, they ad.

In any case, the Khazarians had promised to hand over ASEAN, Japan and the Korean Peninsula to China in exchange for Chinese help in getting Hillary elected, Asian secret society sources confirm. That is why the Emperor was supposed to have resigned, but now these plans have been stopped.

A Japanese Kyodo News Agency article that appeared in the January 1st edition of the Japan times displays the confusion and anger among agents of the old regime in Japan by criticizing the government for refusing to endorse a Khazarian slave regime resolution against Russia over Syria. “Japan’s stance…made what should have been a G7 statement into a Group of Six statement,” the news agency article lamented.

Tadashi Ishii, the head of Dentsu, Japan’s advertising near monopoly, announced his resignation last week in a clear sign Japan’s system of media control is about to change. Dentsu has long used advertising boycotts or the threat thereof to keep Japanese media under control. The purge going on there means the trained seals working at big Japanese corporate media companies will soon be barking to a different tune and agencies like Kyodo will stop being mouthpieces for Khazarian propaganda.

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso may also be removed because he reports to the French branch of the Rothschild family and as such is blocking efforts to free Japan from debt slavery by nationalizing the Bank of Japan, the Japanese right wing sources say.

The big test will be to see if the Japanese government now has the courage to release the tapes it has of war criminal and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu calling then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on March 12th, 2011 and threatening mass murder on the citizens of Tokyo unless the Japanese government signed over its foreign currency holdings to the Khazarian mafia.

“Abe is so scared of Netanyahu that he wants to resign rather than have to confront him,” the Japanese right wing sources said. Even if Abe is too chicken, Netanyahu’s days are numbered. Abe will be forced to step aside if he refuses to act on 311, Japanese right wing sources say. The Japanese have also been informed by the gnostic Illuminati that any further Israeli or Khazarian attacks on Japan will be met with retaliation in the form of a 500 megaton nuclear weapon, enough to, for example, obliterate Israel.

Netanyahu is, in any case, already facing multiple criminal charges. “United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 provides the International Criminal Court with a legal foundation to prosecute Israel for war crimes, population transfers, illegal settlements and more,” Pentagon sources say.

Netanyahu is also facing criminal charges of fraud and bribery in Israel.


The important thing for Israelis officials to realize, as they press criminal charges against him, is that Netanyahu is not a Jew, he is a Satanist and a sworn enemy of the Jewish people.

Netanyahu, together with Germany’s Angela Merkel, are now the two most senior Khazarian mafia agents in power and as such are now high priority targets, gnostic Illuminati and Pentagon sources agree.

Overall, what we are now seeing is a mopping up operation because victory, and freedom, for the human race has already been assured, White Dragon Society sources say. Once the clean-up is over, hopefully in the first half of the year, then we can start with more positive and constructive work. If all goes well the year 2017 will mean world peace and the beginning of a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and start a new golden age.



Good morning and thanks Ben

3 :)

4 couldn’t ask for more

Great News Many thanks Ben

Closer to the top today

More good news Ben,Thanks.

Although The British People Voted to Leave The EU Menace, nothing yet appears to be Happening, it’s been six months now, and The British People, are becoming quite Angry.

Thanks Ben, Happy new year all!!

#9 – now on to read….

Horsegiver – indeed we are….very angry at the slow pace of change and repeated attempts to derail the Brexit

Cheers Ben

Horsegiver – and again, up in Scotland, we have to overthrow the Globalist/Communist SNP government of Sturgeon too…..while she continues with her “for the people of Scotland” mantra prior to every speech she gives

Good morning everyone!

12 1+ 2 = 3. Creativity plus cooperation brings freedom.

Now to see if we find that in the report.

Blessings for safety and abundance fthg for Ben and us all!

anyone know what the deal is with the Zim currency…..I hear a lot about it but very hard to find any subject matter on it that clarifies it and what it’s all about, thanks

Wonderful to find your report Ben, I thought you were
due/deserve a New Year break. Thank you and wishing you
happiness and good fortune in 2017.

Britain’s involvement with the EEC/EU,was, and Still is, an Act of Treason under English Law.

Apparently, The Treaty of Rome, was Never Ratified,

and The Maastricht Treaty, along with the Lisbon Treaty,

did not have the Consent of The British People !

18 good morning and happy new year to all!

15 Awesome news!!

Thank you for the great news – it’s a positive way to start off the new year. I’m happy to hear the cloning center in Camp David was destroyed, and perhaps the alleged one in Hope, Arkansas will be taken out as well. Happy New Year and many blessings to all~


Thanks Ben

22. Happy New Year and everyone. Now back to read the report.

David Wilcock:

Pls check your email regarding your YOUTUBE problem, if you want to know who the imposter ‘Ted’ really is!

2017- All will be revealed!

It looks like David Wilcock’s Youtube channel is back up:

I clicked on the link in his twitter feed:


Jolly good!

Yes, my channel is back up. I am about to write an update to the article:


The fact that a single individual was able to destroy my channel for that long, in an obvious fraud, is certainly troubling.

I am about to write the update to this article but my point is that this is not over. There is no way to know if the Cabal was behind this but some insiders have told me this is exactly how they do it.



The Case For Owning Bitcoin from a Crypto-Currency Skeptic


Clif High’s report is high on bitcoin.

Thanks Ben. Happy New Year!

Way to go David. You and Corey Goode are doing extraordinary work. Thanks for your service to Humanity….

The problem with Ben is, it’s very difficult to tell which parts of his reports are pure BS, which are true, and which are a mixture of truth and BS.

But, you can be sure, he slips BS into his reports. For example:

1.) Putin is dead
2.) Putin works for the Rothschilds
3.) Jesuits are “enlightened”
4.) Trump has a “military government”
5.) The Pope is cracking down on pedophilia in the Catholic church
6.) Radiation from Fukushima is not a concern.

And more…

Ben is not an independent journalist. He’s told what to write by people whose identities are shrouded in mystery, but who are NOT working for the betterment of humanity.

Hey azure I’m still waiting on the fairy tale RV LMAOOOO How many said it couldn’t go past the first saying it can’t go past the inauguration LMAO I heard that one four years ago LMAOOOOoooooo but the implosion of the matrix is going right on time I can say& believe so Happy New Year everybody

thanks ben

cr606 Like every alternate news source I’ve ever read u can’t believe everything they say so I’ve gotten pretty good at reading between the lines

Thanks Ben. Happy New year to all.

On at 33 messages posted.


For me too, there recently is too much unproved news. The only thing I could verify is, that Netanyahu might be sued and that the security council for the first time since ever condemed the state of Israel.

Where else is any proof of – what I would like to be true?

Thanks ,Ben

Comment by cfree928 on January 3, 2017 @ 12:33 am

Happy New Year Cfree. :wink:

@intruth… with regard to BF and what he brings to the table. Take this as an opportunity to develop your own ability to discern what is truth and what isn’t. Whatever is behind the words that BF writes are his to write and it is his truth. You then have to determine whether you believe or not.

However, while what he writes may or may not have an impact on the outcome… what you believe will most likely not change your path or point of view. We all come into this with our own views and knowledge… unless we are open to the possibilities, then we shut ourselves out to potential outcomes.

Finally, I have to ask… if you believe BF works for those that are “NOT working for the betterment of humanity”, then why come over to this site and read it? What is your agenda? Why plant seeds of doubt? Who are you truly working for? How are you so sure of your sources?

~get real

Comment by cr606 on January 3, 2017 @ 12:17 am
Comment by kenlejko on January 3, 2017 @ 12:26 am

Well the inclusion of BS along with real intel is rather irritating even though I realize that Ben wouldn’t be able to print anything at all if he only told the truth still, I am ever so curious; how do you determine what is and isn’t true? I don’t find it that easy, granted I’ve only been here a year or so now, so I don’t have the benefit of years of experience with Ben.

Frequently I feel that his handlers are in fact proponents of the NWO, especially that last line on this post. No support of the Vatican can ever be considered real or the P2 Freemasons, but what of all the rest.

I’d really love it if we all scrutinized Ben’s postings for a while after the initial postings rather than just thanking him profusely and then post other material. The thanks are fine, but some analysis would be useful.

So far I have seen no news from Japan about any of these developements, has anyone read anything anywhere else? Netanyahu does seem to be worried over the UN ruling but I understand it has no teeth.

Thoughts aren’t just welcome, I would think they are necessary.

43 is late for me (on Monday still).

Hi jujubean,

We get to practice discernment all the time, not just in reading Ben. We have to separate the wheat from the chaff for ourselves, and keep our vision on the prize we seek.

I, for one, do not have a lot of faith in the oligarchs we have elected to do the right thing for all of us yet. Perhaps we have taken one step towards regime change. But, do we really want a CEO to run the corporation for profit? I thought we were trying to get away from that. Do we want masters of foreclosure, big oil, fracking, and other types of enslavement to a new mafia to run things?

The vision I have in my head is still out there.

Remember the two tables laden with food in different rooms? One room had very sad and hungry people in it. And the other was a happy party of laughing people having a wonderful time together. All the people had no working elbows, so their arms were stiff and could not get to their mouths. The people in the room having a great time were those that were feeding each other.

We can help hold the vision of paradise we want to see. As we become better and more practiced at creating the visions we hold, the progress we see will become our reality.

Ben gives us hope reading between the lines, but we have to do our part to hold on to it and bring it to reality by taking responsibility for our own lives and each moment of what we share.

Namaste my friends

What I am most curious about… watching closely…

Is Trump’s backing… of both IsRaHell and Russia…

The same 2 that Obama is ardently against. :???:

How can Trump be fine with IsRaHEll and Russia… If Russia is indeed a good-guy and IsRaHell is not.

Unless Trump plans turning on IsRaHell once president…

Otherwise, Russia may be in bed with IsRaHell and not the savior people are hoping for?

I can care less about what any of them say… it’s by their actions that I will judge them all… thus far… jury is still out and not supporting either side…

We have all lost our patience… but that is what TPTB would have hoped and planned for… for us to eagerly get behind someone who ’seems’ to be for the betterment of the planet… but just like the Anti-Christ, will turn on us when we drop our guard down. :sad:

I am not here to dampen spirits or hope… but to just help remind myself, and everyone else…

That TPTB have been planning for centuries… decades now… to do as they planned… and we best be watchful on how we ‘accept’ any of what is coming our way…

When I see Chemtrail’s stop, when I actually see the very people we keep reading about get arrested, prosecuted, and plastered all over the MSM… then I will ‘relax’ my guard some… but not a second sooner.

Being too eager is not a logical place to see things for what they are… just saying.

Best to you all.

Comment by getreal on January 3, 2017 @ 1:34 am

I have no idea who you are addressing. It’s not me. You need to ‘get real’.

Ditto calmchris. Ditto

2017: TRUTH RISING — Melissa & Aaron Dykes


by SGT, SGT Report.com:

from David Seaman:


Why is my PayPal account now locked from withdrawals? Why is YouTube only now demonetizing my videos when I’ve been a user in good standing here since 2008? Why is YouTube only now upload banning/suspending other YouTubers with a research focus?





For me, it’s 54 comments ending with guizi Jan 3 @3:32am

Hauoli Makahiki Hou! 2017!

Makana pono,


Dang foreign language translator iPhone.

Malama not Makana.

Testy, testy!


Get real? Better “fact or fiction” than truth. It happened or not. I throw those two to the courts out here. I don’t expect a response or reply. They have been frauds in Hawaii from the get go. Unbelievable and frauds. Only we who are from here since ancient times through ancestors know fact from fiction. Why are they still here? Well, Ben just gave us news on that point “Hawaii” bases is next target. We are under Martial Law (military, admiralty law) for too long. So convenient, yes, our being in the middle of a body of water rather than on land. Clue was invalidating the writ of habeas corpus in a court action. The State became the complaining party not the real flesh and bones. With military backing. Ever so convenient. Want more news on corruption?

Intruth posts news of interest. Ben’s site is geo-political news, but becomes more than that all the time.

More comment later. Chickens need attention.

Makana pono,


Good report
Time for the nasty muppets to leave the stage.
Let’s hope we can all raise our
consciousness and spread the good news
Time to focus on the positive we can change
rather than the negative we can trivialize.
Go the Year of the Rooster, and don’t let the bastards drag you down
Be the person you want to be
Be free

I’ve been asked what I see coming in this new year. Even though I haven’t been any good at predictions, here is my answer.
This is going to be a year of many secrets being revealed and I’m fairly sure we will get divine intervention. The existence of ETs will be revealed to a small extent . The Illuminati will get taken out of power or start to get taken out of power. There will probably be some kind of big financial change, maybe not till 2018. The governments are really trying to enslave the people a lot more and the people will push back or maybe divine intervention will take out the evil rulers. WWIII will not start and the other wars will soon be stopped, we will soon have world peace and all this military build up will be turned around.  I think the brown dwarf star will be seen at the end of 2017 and due damage in 2018, but Humanity will be ready. So 2017 will be a year of suffering and then positive change.
I’ve also been given some new information on the Illuminati, after getting halfway through William Tompkins’s new book “Selected By Extraterrestrials” where he mentions shape shifting Reptilians. I’ve asked plenty of times in the past if the Illuminati could shape shift and was always given no, but now that has changed. I’m now told all Illuminati shape shift and they must do it at least once a day and they have only 2 choices, the Human they always look like or the one Reptilian they look like when they shape shift. They can’t shape shift into anything else I’m told and I hope this is right or our problem is much greater.
I’m now told the Illuminati are 62% Human and 38% Draconian Reptilian. I’m told there are 2 groups or castes, a ruling group (higher bloodline) that is in positions of power like political or financial which is about 10% of them and they have all the secret information like the secret space program. The other 90% are kept somewhat in the dark, but have privileges and do well in society. If a member from the ruling group gets with the lower group and have children, the children are in the higher group. I’m told there are a little less than 10,000 of them.

It’s a bit disturbing that posters feel they need to post their views as #1 or #35. No one cares, well at least the many of us who have to view the childish, oh I am number one, or number 26 , is this what enlightenment is about?

Those who extract prime materials from earth
are enslaved.

Those who produce the products with these materials
are enslaved.

Those who consume the products
are enslaved with debts.

Laws, Medicine, Religions all forced to act
in benefit of large corporations.

Yes, we need this freedom.

Thanks to all the organizations working hard to make it possible.

Thanks Ben.

Comment by welovetheusa on January 3, 2017 @ 5:11 am

What is so disturbing about people having a little fun posting their place (#) in the post? silly maybe, but disturbing? really? Taking this shit a-little to serious..

The numbers don’t matter really- I found it rather fun initially, not so much anymore, but I don’t mind people who do. Actually I tend to forget what number I once I start typing.

Thanks for your reply Carolm

welovetheusa on January 3, 2017 @ 5:11 am

Get over it…I did. When you are the first to view the post you too will not be able to NOT post 1.

These days I am just annoyed by the newbies who think for some reason they are going to change the harmless game of a group who have been reading this blog for years.

I generally don’t chime in unless I am in the top ten…today I did because I like double digits…and there were 33 comments when I logged on. Just silliness I know, but harmless all the same.

Oh Little dog thank you for you link it kind of helped
me know who i am , when i had a checkyoursoul is it

i was told i am a bird soul from another planet my
favourite colour is blue ( even though i am man united supper ie red ) when i get excited sometimes a cluck my arm together lol thank you for david link its the energy i needed thank you woof woof

Great Article…

Attaining the Siddhis: 25 Superhuman Powers You Can Gain Through Practicing Yoga and Meditation



I’m hoping for results this year, and not more bullshit. This newsletter is a great deal for 8$ of entertainment a month…

Always lot’s of here say, things are always going to happen but never really do…

Just a quick google search of weather “Hisashi Owada” was actually arrested, nothing…

I have faith Ben, I want to believe, bring on the golden age… Let’s see some high profile take downs if any of this is really real.

SMOKED! Washington Post Retracts Its “Fake News” On Russia Hacking Power Station

from DAHBOO77:



I thought that the number game was stupid and distracting at first too.

One week the NL was late, I happened check in Tuesday evening late, and it had just been down-loaded. I thought “what the $hit”, and interred #1.

I still play, when I may be below #20. But the over all game does not bother me anymore.

I like the numbers’ game a lot better than I do the Ass Kicking games played here.

Someone said:

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age…..”

Kids know number games are fun. Some people find joy in synchronicity, some in rhymes. We are all looking for rhyme or reason in the fog of Ben’s posts and have fun looking to find what we find every Monday morning.

It is fun to have fun… Dr. Suess

nightsinger wrote:
Oh did I get Kapner’s name wrong? Or is it Nathaniel Kapner.
Nathanael Kapner
I do find it strange for you, Verm, to continue posting long, ugly diatribes by this pervert preacher guy, and then keep disavowing all of his points, when called on them.
Note that nightsinger offers nothing to “prove” this mans perversion. Just because she says it doesn’t make it so.
The man is vile, and knows nothing of God, I would lump him in with the Westside “church ” of hate.
Kapner is a former Jew who exposes Zionism. In the Zio-tards books that makes him, and others such as Jazz musician and writer Gilad Azmon “self-hating Jews”. Much forensic-proof is put out by Kapner, Azmon, etal that it is the Zio-tards who are pushing the agenda for acceptance of gay lifestyles, and are behind the agenda to push the future acceptance of pedophilia,etal. I am speaking of course of “ontological Zionists”. As I have expressed repeatedly, not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists.

Surely you could just express what you mean to get across, without relying on some idiot full of hate, whose words you don’t claim.

I find it stomach turning, like the one I called out before calling our President a bastard, ( a stupid word, from the 1700s) and as always the gay bashing, etc.
concerning the “bastard” stuff, I answered that in a previous post stating that Obama is a bastard in an ontological sense.
What nightsinger doesn’t get is that my post is not about gaybashing, it is calling out Obama on his behavior concerning Putin diplomatically outclassing him. Obama is behaving like a jilted gay lover. As I expressed in an earlier post, the tone level of gays is that of covert hostility and I don’t retract it despite her claiming that it is groundless. My own personal experience with gay people bears this assessment as accurate. Not all gays are like this as on varying degrees they can function on other dynamics on higher levels as well. But look at what Obama is doing. He is willing to start another world war just so he can look and feel big and important and vindicated. What I find disconcerting is that how straights are being disenfranchised and forced by government decree to accept gay rights. When straights speak up about it, they get bashed down by libtards of the ilk of nightsinger and cabalretard into silence. Also, look at what happened recently in California where child prostitution was legalized. Does nightsinger think this is normal and just? With this passing most certainly necrophilia, incest, cannibalism and bestiality will be on the next laws to be put on the books.
Where does nightsinger stand on this? Goodness forbid that Pizzagate activities becomes the norm and legislated into law.
On my personal and other peoples experience with gays, the consensus is that for people who protest they are victimized by saying they are discriminated against and suffering from the prejudice of others, they themselves rank among the most prejudiced people I and these others have ever encountered. I admit I don’t agree with their lifestyle and am myself heterosexual, but I have had platonic relationships with them and agreed on a mature level about such lifestyle choices. But when it comes to how Obama as a gay is currently acting, it demonstrates that the tone level discernment of covert hostility is an accurate one and bears out how prejudiced they can be.
As an aside I cite Gore Vidal’s viewpoint on how gays and those of similar tone level (ie: covert hostility) act when jilted. When he was assisting in the writing of the screenplay of the 1959 version of Ben-Hur, he noted that the character of Messala behaved like a jilted gay lover towards his boyhood friend Judah Ben-Hur when he refused to help him by betraying his own people. Vidal noted that there must be a homosexual aspect to the relationship by dint of how harshly Messala treats Judah. Messala not only punishes Judah by sending him to the galleys, but condemns his family and stewart to prison as well. But, being this was 1950’s Hollywood, this aspect of the story could not be explored.

There is nothing more destructive of physical and mental health than the isolation of you from me, of us from them.
– Anonymous

Night all.

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Thanks to all who take the time to post links; the links are the pearls that keep me coming back.
Kind regards to all

imo the blog doesn’t need any fixing


I don’t even play the number game and I made it to #1.

Quality is more important than quantity.


Homosexuality is a non-issue for people under 40.

They simply reject the bullshit church driven prejudices of olde

Millennials could give a shit about the “Pat and Tammy Fae Baker mentality.

Vermin (thrax) did his best to once again associate same sex love with “illegal and Immoral Pedophilia”

This is a tried and true technique of right that is failing.

Look at these quotes they were probably cut and pasted from his favorite fascist website

Vermi said:

“What I find disconcerting is that how straights are being disenfranchised and forced by government decree to accept gay rights”

I’m straight,.so what? What’s the big deal in accepting how people Love?

.in what world do you live in that you are being forced to do anything?

“What nightsinger doesn’t get is that my post is not about gaybashing, ……… Obama is behaving like a jilted gay lover.”

Uh huh,… Ok

That says more about you than you know


Just want to say I’m a Adherent and philosophical proponent
of the “Kumbaya Love Brigade”

When I see the term chided by the posting of (a faction) who want to convince you are all “dark light” and infected with AI. I smell something very wrong.

What’s great is Humans poop. And we can digest the good stuff and excrement the rest.



has to be the best name here ever!

Kumbaya perfect for lemmings!
Comment by xanderboy1 on January 2, 2017 @ 10:34 pm
You are coming in loud and clear Mrs X.

When X gets Lemmings she makes Lemming Aid.

Past, Present & Future walked into a bar at the same time. It was tense.

Verm ,if it walks like a duck , and quacks like a duck,it IS a duck.

And the insanity you are hyperventilating about is exactly that, it’s insane to act as if homosexuality ,or transgenderism are gateways for the pervesrsity of pedophilia, ritual sacrifice, torture & cannabilism.


Sure , some totally evil & perverse ones in that pedo set will also be gay, or bi.

But, I have been aware of all the pedo,ritual satanic abuse in our elite since the late 80s, and lost many friends for calling it out, as it just seems really unbelievable unless you have had to deal with it, or know someone who has.

It is most assuredly not an issue that only concerns just the ” liberals” or just the “conservatives”

Time to move out if all duality, on our way to higher ground, IMO.

Now, as more are waking up, it is gaining in peoples awareness, and I am praying the dam breaks soon, this year. Hopefully Pence will be outed before the inauguration .

I did much resesrch on pedophilia, and will tell you again, the highest number of perps are heterosexual men.

But , once again you post the crudest, ugliest , and most vile drivel of a crazed in the head “preacher”, and pretend its not about you.

Your drooling, insane hatred of Obama shows me you do not even know how the government works. Not where the actions originate .

And your same old copout, that you are only using the the ugly quote to criticize our President just doesn’t wash, it reveals so much more about who you are, than who Obama, or any gay person, just trying to live a life, find love, and get along in this often hostile world world, is.

Why are you so very angry you feel a need to post a tirade that only outs the man as a obsessed, crazy , unbalanced idiot.

And, the fact that you so admire him has me seriouly wondering if we need to take up a collection to buy you a heart, perhaps a brain also.

I will say again, this is NOT moving towards a new world of love and light & acceptance of the fact that I am you, and you are me, and what happens to one, happens to all.

As per the Solomon Burke song, I must call out unjustness heaped on my innocent brothers and sisters.

We all have commonalities, much better to seek, and amplify those, IMO.

I do truly feel love for you, Verm, as a brother in the struggle for our freedom, but I want freedom for all the children of God.


And Kumbaya .

What’s funny is when I type Troll everyone knows who I’m talking about.

Benjamin Fulford please ban the Troll.

Here here #aneeson I agree , some improvements per say would be recommended .. Ben should really should have a Faq and feedback box ..

“Entertainment every month ” for $8 #truth1977 …

Yes … I dooooo hope that we progress into more concrete platform and we see events from now in media show us what we been waiting for ….


My dear Mom, at 93, wondered what all the upset was over gay marrige, saying how could Jim &,Bob, or Sue &,Nancy, living down the street have possibly hurt my marrige to Bill ??

Then, she said,it only upsets those that might want to do it, but are too afraid.

Maybe so. There IS NO gay agenda, beyond having the same basic rights as all the rest of us.

People seriouly need to move past their fear.

K-Puppy on January 3, 2017 @ 4:42 pm

I totally agree.

We must Ban the Troll.

But I’m willing to give you a second chance.

Where are you? from Where? what are you about?

The only thing you do here is latch on to me like a barnacle.

Get a new act


you may want to catch up on the choranzon club, vatican gay lobby, etc….to understand the issue at hand.
fecal matter mixed with other body fluids attracts particular negative entities. This is what we as a civilization are dealing with.
“the 11 is better than the 9″
…pthalates in plastics…
You have ‘a whole lot’ to study if you don’t know the occult side of homosexuality.

In Truth,

p.s. I suggest a parasite cleanse along with a heavy metal detox for the new year.

K pup, why are you so controlled by Caleb’s opinion ??

You can just skip over him, if having a different voice disturbs you so much.

It’s his job


All perversions and hateful actions draw low vibration entities, as you do with your expressions of vilely worded hate.

So you know why Sodom and Gamorra were really erased ??

Just like the Westwood” fag hater” satanic serving group .

I doubt you have any knowledge I don’t, in these matters, but good try at attemping to elevate yourself higher than me in a invalid hierachy.

Reminds me of Anon writing to Siggi, “I am so.mad because
I ALREADY TOLD YOU TO stop using ” a negative wish .

What a sad anon, who the hell is s/he to skin his/her arrogance at Siggi , as if Siggi asked for his guidance.

The whole blog is comedic for me

as HUMANS are Percieving
we are vibration of the collective unconsciousness

We create the frequency of reality.

Thank you Nightsinger. Expressing ourselves is beautiful

Good night, all.

I share a birthday today with my only sibling, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 12/13, on chemo/radiation ever since, will not have anythng her oncologist did not order.

I love her

I was her birthday present on her 2nd birthday, and thought all sisters shared their birthday, until I got to about 5 .

She was not so
pleased, and put.me out on the front dtop a couple weeks later :)

I am praying she makes it through the day. Through the year, but she is too weak to talk the past 2 weeks.

Praying she will let me drive the 2 hours to visit her.

My pick for the best new health product from 2016:


~Get ya Gut back to optimum~

You don’t need permission if you show up

Comment by starrbell on January 1, 2017 @ 12:59 am
Comment by aneeson on January 2, 2017 @ 9:28 am

Thanks both, forgot to say – no rope. The leader considered us capable & that we needed both hands to climb. Anyways it worked a treat; I couldn’t believe it at first but it rang so true.

Feels like we’re in for the long haul, my vision has always been jail for the cabal & truth for the sheeple – I was one once. Ascension can wait! I have to say I have lost it a couple of times recently, once with my mother & once with a driver. Perhaps it’s something to do with the energy (DNA transforming?) waves bathing the planet. I simply have to take more care & find more time for meditation, stilling the mind.

Total Phonies

Whoops, Verm, my low entitiy post should have been addressed to K-pup.

As a medical care provider I work with the elderly and their poop and bodily fluids often

And I can tell you it is not about the smell ; it is about the Soul Essence of the person that brings a particilar type of entity . Angels, mostly.

I am hoping that cleanse will work for you and hopefully can reach your heart.

All of Hum-unity is being awakend by the wave that are hiting
our planet

exo-exriance experiance vs internal fireworks

Comment by K-Puppy on January 3, 2017 @ 4:53 pm

Excellent info. K-Puppy, what they do is not how we were designed! That said, what is done consentingly behind closed doors is none of my business to judge. But I do object how sex education of minors has been adversely influenced by this whole travesty of the agenda behind societal manipulation.

I know the polarities being the same do not sync & therefore energetically it cannot be ‘balanced’, but would welcome some more input from you as this is something most here would know next to nothing about.

Nice idea, Caleb, tried it once, and her husband would not let me in ..a 4÷ hour roundtrip for naught.
Well, not totally, saw my cousin in Durham for the afternoon.

Have txted 3 times since Christmas, no response. She may be on her way out. Havent seen her since moms funeral,( 7/14) tho have offered a few times.

She cannot accept me for being so different from her.

So, I really dont want to go to a where I am not wanted, and an embarrassment. And do not want to disturb her.

Will send flowers,if no word by noon.

bullshit creeker the guy with two left eyes

is going to school me?

I don’t think so.

Comment by cr606 on January 1, 2017 @ 3:25 am

Ok, thanks for that Christina. According to my mother’s own experience it happened to her during the later times of Atlantis & we have a good idea of what they can do with clones – with & without ’souls’, & with benevolent walk-ins & so it goes on. As for the entrapment through the ‘tunnel of light’ there is just so much about it & the ‘Lords of Karma’ & the ‘Karmic Review Board’ can shove it as far as I’m concerned! The definition of soul is also not usually understood & is easily bandied about.

Gotta say Urantia for me is a massive misdirection, an unnatural construct, another Religion – albeit advanced. No disrespect & I hope it works for you.

Two peas in a pod!

As a species we are blasting off

I smell fake People

January 3, 2017 @ 6:06 pm

Your Pod is nothing I would ever visit.

When we comprehend we are light beings

envisioning our future

I can get on with that

there is a fire work in your soul

Xand Kpuppy CR606

All one bitch pretending to be many posters.

I see fake people!

Caleb, contribute more worthwhile stuff rather than to increase division by continuous repetition – that is what trolls do. You are capable of more than this.

Nightsinger, I reckon you don’t see Vermi’s even handedness compared to your scathing criticisms; apparently you let your emotions run away with you & with K-Puppy. Take a detox as suggested & get more sleep?


You nailed it Zander

I know what you have to go through with your sister and it
will take a lot of courage. I still can’t believe mine is gone.

I miss all my family members who have succumbed to cancer

Here is an interesting article on berries and cancer prevention. It sounds better than chemo to me!


“The researchers also evaluated these berries for the prevention of oral, breast, colon, and prostate tumor cell growth. They learned black raspberry and strawberry extracts had the most effective apoptosis inducing effects.

Strawberries and raspberries – also contain a unique phytochemical called ellagic acid, which has the power to prevent skin, bladder, lung, esophagus, and breast cancers.”

“Asbestos of the Sky” – The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup

The aviation industry hangs its hat on air travel being “the safest way to travel.” The truth, however, is that it has harbored a dark secret since its inception: it’s poisoning its passengers and crew due to deeply flawed aircraft design, de-prioritizing safety in favor of profit.

What’s more concerning is the fact that the industry has known about this completely preventable health hazard for at least 40 years, but no attempts have been made to filter this cocktail of hundreds of chemicals (including organophosphates in the same category as toxic nerve agents like Sarin) out of the cabin air before travelers are forced to breath them in. Nor has the root cause of the problem — unsafe aircraft design and the deprioritization of human safety — been effectively addressed.


Great Article…

The Miracle Molecule: Everything You Need to Know About the Health Benefits of CBD



Jim Stone. I’ve read about this too on the net about all US carriers being docked. Peeps freaking out about being set up for another Pearl Harbor. Most likely a cost saving measure. If we are to believe Ben’s report, Satanyobbo is already too deep in shit right now to paint Israeli planes and ordinance to Russian colors and pull a false flag attack.
America’s aircraft carriers docked

I have read numerous reports around the web that state America’s aircraft carriers are all docked

Then I got reminded to post it when Anonymous sent:
Hey Jim! What do you make of Obama docking all of Americas air craft carriers. Keep up the good work.

My response: If this is true and not just internet rumor (and it probably is true) it would obviously be done before kicking off a huge war Obama wanted America to lose. That’s a no brainer. But there is one huge problem Obama faces if that is the goal

What would that problem be? Answer: Russia is not stupid, nor is China, and absent America launching nukes, I am certain Russia is going to be willing to absorb all losses and ignore all provocations over the next two weeks and wait for Trump to put it right.

No doubt China is upset about Trump’s attitude toward them, but there is no way China could ever deny that Trump has the correct attitude. It is not something they could justify war over, and I doubt they’d actually want war anyway. Putin clearly does not want a war. So what will Obama’s bringing the aircraft carriers home actually accomplish? Sadly for him, I’d say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except the saving of a little cash. I bet that’s just where they will sit too – in American harbors, once Trump gets in. They will no doubt be sent out for training exercises but for as long as Trump is president, my guess is that is all they will be used for.

More Jim Stone. This is a short snippet. Lengthy report with whatever forensic proof available at the link…
Musicians obviously facing death of career for singing at Trump inauguration

Not lip synch – Mariah Carey was definitely sabotaged

For the technical details explaining the sabotage, scroll down to the headline “Sabotaged over Trump”. This is all one big report, that’s just the Mariah specific part of it.
DISCLAIMER: THE EXPUNGEMENT IS SO COMPLETE THERE IS NO WAY I CAN PROVE MARIAH WAS GOING TO SING AT TRUMP’S INAUGURATION ANYMORE. SO CALL THIS A FAKE NEWS REPORT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT. AND JUST IN CASE I AM WRONG, THIS IS FAKE NEWS. After all I could have been delusional or mistaken when I thought I saw that reported on Dec 31. Ok, now that that is out of the way, Mariah was DEFINITELY sabotaged on New Years, NO IFS OR BUTS and I can definitely prove at least that.
AS SOON AS I POSTED THE PORTION OF THIS REPORT TITLED “SABOTAGED OVER TRUMP: Mariah Carey’s New Years performance” yesterday I got kicked offline and have not been able to do anything since other than get the report back up this morning. After I put it back up, I got cut off entirely again. I messed up by not having the site in combat mode, it is now. I was going to take this report off the front page until I got attacked over it AGAIN, a second time which can only mean this one is a hot topic that kikedom wants obliviated.

I am praying she makes it through the day. Through the year, but she is too weak to talk the past 2 weeks.
Praying she will let me drive the 2 hours to visit her.
Comment by nightsinger5 on January 3, 2017 @ 5:20 pm

Dear Nightsinger,

Much, much love and healing to your sister and to you.

The trials that the universe are placing before us right now are indeed difficult and require all our strength and perseverance.

I know you have it in you and suggest you place your hands on your sister when you see her and ‘will in’ healing from the Universal Healing Energy together with support from our Creatorix for the correct outcome that she needs.

We can all activate (be the medium) anyone’s own ability to heal.

Kind regards,

Comment by nightsinger5 on January 3, 2017 @ 5:20 pm

Love and prayers nightsinger. I hope your sister makes a fine recovery. :)Blessings

Comment by accuchip on January 3, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

I agree. It is as it should be. If we start nit-picking, we will find that everyone has a different perspective. Ben set it up and it is DONE!


Yes, just show up! She probably won’t set you out on the porch and may be relieved that she can tell you that she indeed loves you… before she goes.



Xander: We almost had new posters yesterday, until same ole crap raised its heads. As the nit-picking will continue, because ??? All goodwill seems to bee disappearing. No room for other train / reasoned of thoughts … We all lose. That is the point, as we are still being dragged down into the crappy mire of bs.

You cleaning / gleaning of Great Wall. Post pictures please…would love that. My last week consisted of giving food and blankets, whatever needed to homeless in this freezing wet (snow) and raining – whatever. Might say we are in the same business. he heha never enough.

Take care friends.

Still Love where so little is given…

I do hope we’ll see more evidence of this grand clean-up very soon in the US. I can tell you–from here in the Northeast– that the illegitimate targeting of innocent citizens and activists with microwave and other covert energy weapons is still going on, nonstop, and that local communities are still being predated on by the “Organization” thugs who are running these covert ops to subjugate Americans. I hear the same is true in the UK and elsewhere.

For a complete halt to the atrocities being visited on us worldwide by the Khazarian Mafia, the Illuminati, and their ilk, the targeting of individuals with covert EMF weapons–via satellites, cell towers, portable DEWs–has to stop. Who will ensure this? The entire population of the world remains vulnerable to EMF/Electronic Warfare attack otherwise.

This post throws some light on how targeting’s being done: https://everydayconcerned.net/2016/12/03/open-season-on-targets-blacklisted-individuals-extreme-abuse-in-targeting-secretive-lab-rat-exploitation-massive-establishment-cover-up/

And of course, so many other covert and black ops which involve gross violations of human rights–MK ULTRA style mind control ops, et al–all of these have to be stopped…

Hi Radgrace: Agree, agree, agree! So true! Thank you. Or as first article by Laura Eisenhower “We don’t have to engage in their battles and dramas”. Looks to be an informative website (old and new) and cTching up on reading for rain-soaked afternoon.

Thank you for Posting.

Welcome to BFC.

Love, Belle

Supposedly Mr./Mrs. Clinton are going to the Inauguration. Was hoping Bill was no longer with us… :(

update by sheldon nidle for the spiritual hierarchy and the galactic federation…..

from the asended masters-quote—–Today, we have had yet another chance to see what is truly happening on the surface of this most beautiful orb. Remain patient! It has taken a LONG time to reach our current state. A number of events are preparing to manifest and transform all the frustration that up until now has continuously surrounded you. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)—–unquote…..


the Clintons can’t pass up anything they don’t have
to pay for but still get some press..
its hard not to be negative about them…

Hi Café,

Something weird is up!!!

I recon that the cabal is trying create mass panic or disasters.

Bothe Sydney and the UK have had earthquakes in the last 24hrs.

A 3.9 in Sydney and a 3.8 off the East coast of the midlands (UK). Fiji also had a 7.1 to the south west (at sea).

I hope that the ‘watchers’ are toning things down for us as they would indicate mini-nukes because for Australia and the UK, earthquakes are a rare event.


Comment by mkddachs on January 4, 2017 @ 1:00 am

Thanks Melissa, & I wish you well in your travails.

Comment by belle3 on January 4, 2017 @ 6:48 am

Don’t know how to post so I’ll email you.

On the Wild Wall I noticed a large plane very high with four trails coming out merging into one. It was a clear blue sky & an hour later it had developed into a large puffy cloud line. Two hours later the whole area as far as I could see was misty & blanketed with fog, spread by the prevailing wind direction I would surmise. We were at the high point, the dividing line as it were with the trail almost directly above, on one side clear blue mountains from where the wind came, & on the other going into the flatter lands a total haze. More than 10% of this polluted fog now covers China in the north east.

They even blame it on cooking fires! Most likely one hand doesn’t know what the other is up to.



Because many of you have given great “service to others,” your aura has been prepared to accept the Light of the fifth dimension and beyond. You see, when you give service to others, you open the portal of your Crown Chakra and develop and ongoing relationship with your Multidimensional Mind.

You Multidimensional Mind is the “carrier wave” that allows a continual two-way communication with your many Higher Expressions of SELF. This ongoing two-way communication between your physical self and your Multidimensional SELF will assist you to remember your experiences aboard your Starships, while you also focus on your daily life on Earth.

We thank all of you, who have learned and remembered how to teach and assist those who are prepared to awaken, but need assistance. You do not need to “advertise” your gift in any manor, but you can if you desire. Most of you, our grounded ones, will begin by quietly assisting a few people.

In this manner, you will remember how YOU can best share your intimate communicates with the higher frequencies of reality. As you more completely remember, and gain confidence in your expanded SELF, you will allow your light to shine out into your daily life.

Then, your aura will attract others who will feel your aura and wonder why they are attracted to you. You will not need to worry about what you will say, or who you will say it to, because your fifth dimensional Multidimensional Mind will easily “determine” exactly what others need to know.

Comment by intruth on January 4, 2017 @ 1:56 am
Comment by truthearth on January 4, 2017 @ 2:32 am
Comment by truth1977 on January 4, 2017 @ 4:20 am

One after the other, 1, 2, 3, nice hit!

Chris Hadfield ‏@Cmdr_Hadfield 31 Dec 2016 Twitter

1. The Colombian government and FARC rebels committed to a lasting peace, ending a war that killed or displaced over 7 million people.

2. Sri Lanka spent five years working to exile the world’s deadliest disease from their borders. As of 2016, they are malaria free.

3. The Giant Panda, arguably the world’s second cutest panda, has official been removed from the endangered species list.

4. @astro_timpeake became the first ESA astronaut from the UK, symbolizing a renewed British commitment to space exploration.

5. Tiger numbers around the world are on the rise for the first time in 100 years, with plans to double by 2022.

6. Juno, a piece of future history, successfully flew over 588 million miles and is now sending back unprecedented data from Jupiter.

7. The number of veterans in the US who are homeless has halved in the past half-decade, with a nearly 20% drop in 2016.

8. Malawi lowered its HIV rate by 67%, and in the past decade have seen a shift in public health that has saved over 250,000 lives.

9. Air travel continue to get safer, and 2016 saw the second fewest per capita deaths in aviation of any year on record.

10. India’s dogged commitment to reforestation saw a single day event planting more than 50 million trees, a world record.

11. Measles has been eradicated from the Americas. A 22 year vaccination campaign has led to the elimination of the historic virus.

12. After a century, Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves has been proven correct, in a ‘moon shot’ scientific achievement.

13. China has announced a firm date for the end of the ivory trade, as public opinion is becoming more staunchly environmentalist.

14. A solar powered airplane flew across the Pacific Ocean for the first time, highlighting a new era of energy possibilities.

15. Costa Rica’s entire electrical grid ran on renewable energy for over half the year, and their capacity continues to grow.

16. Israeli and US researchers believe they are on the brink of being able to cure radiation sickness, after successful tests this year.

17. The ozone layer has shown that through tackling a problem head on, the world can stem environmental disasters, together.

18. A new treatment for melanoma has seen a 40% survival rate, taking a huge step forward towards long-term cancer survivability.

19. An Ebola vaccine was developed by Canadian researchers with 100% efficacy. Humans eradicated horror, together.

20. British Columbia protected 85% of the world’s largest temperate rainforest, in a landmark environmental agreement.

21. 2016 saw the designation of more than 40 new marine sanctuaries in 20 countries, covering an area larger than the United States.

22. These marine reserves include Malaysia’s 13 year struggle to complete a million hectare park, completed this year.

23. This also includes the largest marine reserve in history, created in Antarctica via an unprecedented agreement by 24 nations.

24. Atmospheric acid pollution, once a gloomy reality, has been tackled to the point of being almost back to pre-industrial levels.

26. Uruguay successfully fought tobacco companies to create a precedent for small countries looking to introduce health-focused legislation.

27. World hunger has reached its lowest point in 25 years, and with poverty levels dropping worldwide, seems likely to continue.

28. The A.U. made strides to become more unified, launching an all-Africa passport meant to allow for visa-free travel for all citizens.

29. Fossil fuel emissions flatlined in 2016, with the Paris agreement becoming the fastest UN treaty to become international law.

30. China announced a ban on new coal mines, with renewed targets to increase electrical capacity through renewables by 2020.

31. One third of Dutch prison cells are empty as the crime rate shrank by more than 25% in the last eight years, continuing to drop.

32. In August went to the high Arctic with some incredible young artists. They helped open my eyes to the promise of the next generation.

33. Science, economics, and environmentalism saw a reversal in the overfishing trends of the United States this year.

34. @BoyanSlat successfully tested his Ocean Cleanup prototype, and aims to clean up to 40% of ocean-borne plastics starting this year.

35. Israel now produces 55% of its freshwater, turning what is one of the driest countries on earth into an agricultural heartland.

36. The Italian government made it harder to waste food, creating laws that provided impetus to collect, share and donate excess meals.

37. People pouring ice on their head amusingly provided the ALS foundation with enough funding to isolate a genetic cause of the disease.

38. Manatees, arguably the most enjoyable animal to meet when swimming, are no longer endangered.

39. Grizzlies, arguable the least enjoyable animal to meet while swimming, no longer require federal protection in US national parks.

40. Global aid increased 7%, with money being designated to helping the world’s 65 million refugees doubling.

41. 2016 was the most charitable year in American history. China’s donations have increased more than ten times since a decade ago.

43. Individual Canadians were so welcoming that the country set a world standard for how to privately sponsor and resettle refugees.

44. Teenage birth rates in the United States have never been lower, while at the same time graduation rates have never been higher.

45. SpaceX made history by landing a rocket upright after returning from space, potentially opening a new era of space exploration.

There is no such thing as a 500 megaton nuclear weapon. The largest ever tested was 50 megatons by the former Soviet Union and it was highly unstable.

cabalretard wrote:

Homosexuality is a non-issue for people under 40.

They simply reject the bullshit church driven prejudices of olde

Millennials could give a shit about the “Pat and Tammy Fae Baker mentality.

Vermin (thrax) did his best to once again associate same sex love with “illegal and Immoral Pedophilia”
V:My stance is that it’s not about religion, it’s about the emotional tone of the being(s) that makes them prone to these actions and behaviors. Look at all the pedophile preachers and rabbi’s. The tone of these beings such as Obama(and most of the other Elite) is covert hostility and generally not much higher and often lower.

This is a tried and true technique of right that is failing.
V:conversing with a dung beetle would make more sense…

Look at these quotes they were probably cut and pasted from his favorite fascist website
V:Just because cabalretard says it doesn’t make it so…

Vermi said:

“What I find disconcerting is that how straights are being disenfranchised and forced by government decree to accept gay rights”

I’m straight,.so what? What’s the big deal in accepting how people Love?

.in what world do you live in that you are being forced to do anything?
V: Cabalretard should check his premises. This is a matrix/fiction/hell/cesspool that is the physical universe we live in and cabalretard’s own admitted socialist/communist beliefs are what empower the special interest groups to push subjective political policy laws that passes legislation in favor of “political correctness”, rather than objective law.

“What nightsinger doesn’t get is that my post is not about gaybashing, ……… Obama is behaving like a jilted gay lover.”

Uh huh,… Ok

That says more about you than you know
V: calebretard again is cutting and pasting quotes out of context as usual. He use of logical fallacies is textbook troll behavior. This says more about him that he can know…or admit.
Cabalretard is classic overt hostility as far as his tone level is concerned. That is why I don’t respond to him directly. He is an energy sucker who produces nothing of value, enturbulates others on this blog for mean-spirited self-gain and is deluded enough to think he’s doing everyone a favor. I have repeatedly pointed out that he is full of shit and a bloody liar and I will take a hint from Vladimir Putin on how he is currently handling Obama’s covert hostility. He is simply disconnecting. That is what I continue to do with cabalretard…leaving him to choke on his own logical fallacies and lies.

Is this true?


A BBC insider came forward with shocking pieces of information about the Queen and her intention to expose the truth during her 2016 Christmas Message

Queen Elizabeth has been placed under “house arrest” by the Royal Family and has not been allowed to appear in public after attempting to expose a global network of “the darkest forces” during the recording of her 2016 Christmas Message, a BBC insider claims.

Clearly troubled, the Queen listed names of establishment figures who are guilty of “the most heinous crimes against our most vulnerable, our children.” The Queen asked for forgiveness for not exposing them sooner, and asked her subjects to understand that the Royal Family simply did what was necessary to ensure it’s own survival.

Senior BBC production staff and palace advisors scrambled to cancel the take, but not before the Queen expressed dark fears that 2017 will be a “year of slaughter the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War 2“, because malevolent forces, the global elite, are set upon war to achieve their goals.

BBC staff stunned

The Christmas Message take was canceled at this point, the insider says, and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director. He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been “shooting her mouth off a lot lately” and that “we must all delete from our memories everything we just heard and get on with it.”

“He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.”

Hi Café and Starrbell,

I have heard this rumour in the last two days.


I have listened to her speech twice now – the first time on Christmas Day (NZ time) and the second yesterday (VERY attentively) from a link to her speech on the internet.

On both occasions I heard absolutely NO MENTION of the so called points above in your post of 12:23pm today Starrbell.

I think it is the disinfo agents putting this out (not you Starrbell), but the source of that message.


starrbell wrote:

Wowsers if it is true. I thought that Queen Lizzy-wench was one of them. Kinda late to get cold feet?….or is she turning to the light?

Hi Café,

My own personal thoughts are that she is dead and that they don’t want to let it out because she was head of the committee of 300.

Can you imagine the bub fight if that was common knowledge to the other cabal wanabees?

I could be wrong of course.


should have been “… bun fight”

Fun – tastical

Caleb-retard here.

Verm has a way with words,

I grew up with a Down syndrome Aunt who lived with us.

She was smarter than you

The Queen is Dead? What about the 900 lb Lizard that inhabits?

It may have moved over to the Barbara Bush in the 80’s

Comment by aneeson on January 4, 2017 @ 12:39 pm

But Alan, it might have been edited; were there any possible near non sequiturs?

Jim Stone warns you



another great prediction from Jim Stone this week

I simply have to take more care & find more time for meditation, stilling the mind.
Comment by xanderboy1 on January 3, 2017 @ 5:30 pm
Yes, xander . And I just read that meditation gives you so much more than a quieted mind.

I agree wholeheartedly. It seems the Gnostic goal was simply to be released from the human body prison to finally return to the universal/cosmic creator.
Comment by jujubean on September 25, 2016 @ 9:46 am

the Gnostic’s were so into detachment that they allowed those in control to hunt them down and kill them all and put off their message for 2000 yrs – hence where we are right now.
So those who were Gnostic’s and have reincarnated into this time need to try something a little different to bring it to a more positive conclusion for themselves and the human race. Or they will just be wiped out again and the earth will be destroyed.
You can’t just be detached and win this, you have to really take a stand and use that detachment in another way to take down the cabal this time. Many of us were slaughtered in another life time – this has to be different..
Melissa Comment by mkddachs on September 25, 2016 @ 5:28 am

Melissa – do you connect with Montsegur?

Comment by calebbrennan on January 4, 2017 @ 1:26 pm
caleb, I asked you once before, and I will ask again, what is wrong with you? Pretty straight forward question. How about an answer this time.

Comic yes?

What is right with you starbell? Tell us.






Pi tards

Don’t forget the Golftards
Wartards, Greedtards, succubus tards etc etc

At this point I am a self admitted “Kumbaya light force Tard”


is about “Tared and feathered”..don’t you know

One of my favorite scenes in cinema is Matt Dillon in “Something about Mary” try to pick up Cameron Diaz and and says the most idiotic phrase ( paraphrased

: I love those Retards

Classic Comedy seeing the stupidity of his charater

Cabalretard drooled:’
Caleb-retard here.
Verm has a way with words,
I grew up with a Down syndrome Aunt who lived with us.
She was smarter than you
Cabalretard carries on with logical fallacies and stoops now to ad hominem attacks. Lovely… what’s next? Will he do his usual victimology bullshit and accuse me of starting all this? Anyone with a few neurons with properly firing synapses and bothering to scroll back over the past few months can discern the reality here.

Comment by calebbrennan on January 4, 2017
@ 1:51

and leotards

comprehensive list of who to be afraid of

Brown people
Any body South of the Border
Mideasterners in General
Poor people

In repeated posts here by “the sick faction”

this is what they beleive!!

I say “No Way!!!

the keywords they use says it all.

Have you finally cracked, caleb? I would feel bad for you if it weren’t for things you say.


Russian tanks and Jim stone was your big thing 4 years ago
What happened?


Come on my people.


Good one Thanks Nightsinger

Perhaps Verm needs them for circulation

Starbell how are you today?

Are you on crack or what?



Simultaneously, more and more people are embracing the Higher Light and allowing it to enter their consciousness, their physical body, and their daily life. This Higher Light often leads that person into an “initiation.”

What we mean by “an initiation” is: “The darkest night precedes the dawn.” In other words, before you can clearly see the light, you will undergo what the ascended ones would call “An Initiation.”

This clearing is often difficult, as you will be called on to enter your greatest fears and transmute them into Light.

You will not need to go through this process because you are bad. NO, you are within the NOW of a great transition of people and planet into the fifth dimension.

Kumbaya perfect for lemmings!
Comment by xanderboy1 on January 2, 2017 @ 10:34 pm

thanks for your disinfo..We all know who Al quida is.Duh

The Base

Cia bullshit

The guy who has made it his mission to talk about how everthing is “false light” suddenly wants to agree with me.

And repeat what I’ve been saying

And make it his own

Spooky Assholes can fuck off

this blog is being data harvested big time.

I see how bots repeat back post themes

The Ai is learning.

Please always send a Joke into the Matrix.

It helps

AI and Humor

AI responds to a Joke\

“The method used is interesting. The jokes need two nouns, X and Y, and an attribute, Z, and it is postulated that:
a joke is funnier the more often the attribute is used to describe both nouns

a joke is funnier the less common the attribute is

a joke is funnier the more ambiguous the attribute is,

a joke is funnier the more dissimilar the two nouns are.
You can verify that these are reasonable by just looking at a few human generated examples.

Now that is funny!


Fox News’ Sean Hannity Lands Interview With WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange


Assange To Hannity: Source For WikiLeaks Was Not Russian Government

Sean Hannity Goebles Fav
Interviews ASSAnge limited hangout

Xman you are funny

You are a joke with your accusations and vilifying crap

You are dully noted

Xander ,
I don’t know about that source you mentioned but
many sources give the same info if it is time for the message.
I think we pull it into us because we are ready for that change.

Stop it Caleb, you sound like Obama

Then this Character called Vermithrax posts the most sick shit ever.

Melissa Shut up

Right wing clap trap is insufferable

Humans are going beyond the Robots who imitate us.

Because our spirit is raw.

Like a wild horse,

this blog is being data harvested big time.
I see how bots repeat back post themes
The Ai is learning.
Please always send a Joke into the Matrix.
It helps
Comment by calebbrennan on January 4, 2017 @ 3:58 pm


This is what the members need to understand about you Caleb…

Should I ask people how many would like to see Caleb banned?
I propose to collect names for a few weeks, then we can discuss whether I send it to Ben. I’ve had enough of this disruptive troll like behaviour so count me in.

Pray that Caleb can change. We’ve been here before so many times. Last time someone suggested this we got around 10 names of regular posters.

The way Caleb is now makes it so people do not want to post imo.

Get rid of the idiot
He’s been nothing but trouble from the start

Or skip on by….easy when you read from bottom up :)

Comment by jujubean on January 3, 2017 @ 1:43 am

>> how do you determine what is and isn’t true?

By correlating it with information from other sources, as well as by using intuition, and an ability to read people by watching them speak.

However, these methods aren’t 100% reliable and sometimes fail.

I’ve been following Ben for many years, even going back to the years he did regular shows on Rense. I see the patterns in Ben’s writings that “prove” he’s not independent, but is controlled from above by people with a malevolent agenda.

Comment by xanderboy1 on January 4, 2017 @ 9:09 pm

You can add me to the list of people who want caleb banned.



2017-01-01 Simon Parkes Q&A Short_Show

The Queen (EII) has apparently resigned from over 20 charities!

K-Puppy can you please write something that Ben will comprehend, thanks.

Oh yes, Simon Parkes said he has been under psychic attack from the Banshee in the Antartic – sounds the same as the person who attacked Corey Goode.

He also tells us to NOT be attracted by the ‘light’ tunnel or any archetypal being IF you wish to return to Source when you ‘pass over’.

Great to have that confirmation from Simon. There is most definitely the ‘false light’. Caleb please note.

The Popular (And Totally Legal) Pesticide Linked to Parkinson’s

Two decades of research have established a link between paraquat, one of the longest-used weed killers, and Parkinson’s disease.

Britain, the European Union, and China have outlawed the use of the chemical, but the United States is still among the countries that allow it to be sprayed on weeds.

more –

Simon Parkes

Monday 2nd January 2017
Information coming to me – suggesting that the Queen of England is suffering from mild dementia- as the new energies of 2017 take hold, so she is struggling.

The Queen misses New Year’s Day church service.
Since the attempted assassination of two Rothschild family members she is not going out to public locations that can’t be controlled.

Two weeks ago an assassination attempt was made on some members of the Rothschild’s, this is the reason for the English Queen stepping down as Patron from so many children’s charities, and why the current Pope is considering resigning office.




Trump Reveals “Very Strange” Delay In Russian Intelligence Briefing

The tweet storm continues into the night as President-elect Trump reveals that the intelligence briefing he is supposed to receive on the alleged Russian hacking has now been delayed until Friday…


They’re working on the evidence right now….

working as in making it up…

I have finally created a video on what Orgonite is and how it functions based on many months of pouring and hundreds upon hundreds of pieces created and distributed all over the world. It is an amazing technology and I hope others will be inspired to create their own. Knowledge is power and in this video I explain what it is and how it affects our reality. Much love everyone I hope you feel guided to check it out. I don’t have all the answers of course because it is still new and needs more research but I feel comfortable sharing what I know so far!


Bring it on “snowflake “

I listened to your video on orgonite – good start.
When I travel I bring it with me – I. Built a 3 ft orgon generator
and put it on all the corners of my property and put one near each
computer and each junction box .

Orgonite Africa in South Africa has been gifting the area for yrs and
they have a book out about their experience- truly amazing. They gifted Hugh orgon generators to the chiefs of the tribes all over the bottom half of the county with very real results including taking boat trips and seeding the rivers.

I only built one three ft generator- the rest where muffin size or pyramids of all different sizes . I bought tons of crystals and left them out in the moon light so they could obsorb the energy.

Comment by xanderboy1 on January 4, 2017 @ 9:09 pm

It’s why I don’t post much. Please add my name.


Is that a small cloudbuster you’re referring to? I have been wanting to build one of those but live in an apartment. And the office folks are a bit tight on what can be allowed on our patios. A house or condo would be an ideal place to have one. For now I have grid-ed the area around me and beyond extensively so that will have to do for now.

I have just created a single-paged document about PizzaGate that is easy to read, understand and share with others. It contains two links to both of the posts I did about PizzaGate and the pedophile code words being found in the Wikileaks e-mails. I have also converted the PDF into a JPEG so it can be easily shared on social media. Feel free to use it or modify it to your liking, as long as the information gets out there.

Victory of the Light!


Interview With a Death Tower Whistleblower (Madison Star Moon)


Madison Star Moon – Hunter Slaughter


Mkddachs wrote:
Stop it Caleb, you sound like Obama
They are ontological bedfellows.

It would certainly save a lot of scrolling past posts if Caleb did not attack so much.

Oh damn! Now I have pressed ‘that button’ again :-)


But Alan, it might have been edited; were there any possible near non sequiturs?
Comment by xanderboy1 on January 4, 2017 @ 1:34 pm

Hi Xander,

None that I noticed. And the second viewing was exactly the same as I had remembered from the original broadcast.

To all cafe members:

We really need to think about it guys – this annual message was actually recorded in early December. So those people who some are saying have ‘confined’ her, would have known about the details well before it was screened.

They could have stopped it being broadcast. It does not add up to me and I am not a supporter of her, just using my discernment on the plethora of disinfo going around right now.

Best regards to all.

Good news: Netanyahu detained and questioned. Saw this on MSM as well.

Bad news: Child prostitution no longer a crime. Googled it to be sure, very disturbing. Clearly California is now under absolute Cabal control. Inclined to believe that the deaths of Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher and Michael were real. I have read some posts elsewhere suggesting that they weren’t dead at all, but wisked off somewhere to continue their lives out of the public eye.

I am not convinced that the Gay community has an agenda, but there are individuals that have an agenda for that community and every legislation that supports alternative lifestyles only brings us closer to the decriminalization of paedophilia and I don’t care what anyone says. This is a clear and present danger. I shall be phoning reps from California to complain big time. Everyone should.

They are ontological bedfellows.
Comment by vermithrax on January 5, 2017 @ 3:54 am

they are cry babies and sore losers.

Is that a small cloudbuster you’re referring to? truthearth

Your a cutie truthearth. Yes it is I believe.

I made it up of 6 copper pipes extended into the air about 3 ft in a copper pail I found at goodwill with lots of crystals in it along with copper wire, aluminum shavings and some other organic and inorganic material..

It works – I loaned it out to a friend for a few months and really missed it even with all the other organite around the house. He really liked it and had it on his patio in an apt..He kept one of my bigger pyramids for next to his bed.

It’s why I don’t post much. Please add my name.
Comment by cfree928 on January 5, 2017 @ 3:03 am

and I miss your input here. can you please email me and send me your address – I want to send you something good..

some one gave me there email address who was interested
in Eckankar and I just had so much going on I didn’t keep track of that post.

If you are out there tell me where it is at and I will look back and get to you..

sorry for the delay…

Hi Melissa, it was me, Fred.

I’m interested in the Primordial Gnostic teachings. From the little I read about the Eckankars, nothing I read mentioned, nor the books they sold had any mention of Gnostic teaching.

But I would like to hear from you.

me fred sr at Reagan dot C

Great Article…

Don’t Kill That Bug: New Research Shows Insects Do Have Feelings and Emotions Just Like You



I’m interested in the Primordial Gnostic teachings.
Comment by mefredsr on January 5, 2017 @ 6:51 am

I downloaded the kindle version of Elaine Pagel’s ‘The Gnostic Gospels’.

I also just saw an excellent YouTube documentary that I can see here in Chia, but my friend in the UK cannot due to ‘music copyright’ reasons.

If interested can you check if it works with you?


Gnosis – Son of God part I | Documentary
Enlightening Channel

Start at 2 minutes.

Bad news: Child prostitution no longer a crime. Googled it to be sure, very disturbing. Clearly California is now under absolute Cabal control.

Comment by jujubean on January 5, 2017 @ 5:37 am

Hey Jujubean. That didn’t sound right so I googled it also. The minors can’t be prosecuted but it is still very much against the law for the adults.


Allen is referring to Senate Bill 1322, by state Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, which decriminalizes prostitution for minors by barring officers from arresting people under 18 for soliciting sex or loitering with intent to commit prostitution.

It generated significant legislative debate over whether the new approach is sound public policy, but it is false to say the law “legalizes” child prostitution in California.

Those soliciting the sex and those arranging the clients can still be charged with crimes. People caught having sexual conduct with minors can be charged with penalties ranging from misdemeanors to felonies carrying life terms, depending on the ages of those involved and the individual circumstances of the offenses.

It’s also wildly misleading to equate decriminalizing minors with law enforcement not being allowed to interfere with minors engaging in commercial sex acts. Under the law, officers who encounter minors doing so must report the circumstances to the county child welfare agency as abuse or neglect.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article124201384.html#storylink=cpy

Did I interpret that correctly?

Seems like a misguided law though. The cops should be REQUIRED to take them to child welfare if they are soliciting sex for money, not ignore them if they decide to.

Comment by accuchip on January 5, 2017 @ 9:51 am

As if chikd welfare has any protection to give them, probably sell them off to some group.
I would like to see them orotected, but how, I don’t know. Child services, as we know ,is a major source of trafficked kids

We’re still having fun!

well you certainly seem to be….

Warning! Warning Warning!

If you see a green fractal coliflour

use every once of your energy to resist it,…

dig down deep now,.. to garner the strength to use your index finger.

You can do it!

Always having fun Nug

Agree that Santa Clause Incorporated is the strangest marketing of deception.

Especially when we know he was hallucinogenic Shaman and not the Pitchman for Coke or Macy’s

It would certainly save a lot of scrolling past posts if Caleb did not attack so much.

Comment by aneeson on January 5, 2017 @ 4:41 am—————————-

Perhaps you would like to back that up with a quote?

I used to think you we’re a compassionate guy.

I’ve defended you being a Mason at a time in your life.

Yet your condemnation of me for standing up to the Muslim hatred and gay bashing does not bode well.

And then you endorse Mozart’s sick diatribes.

Who are You?

I felt guided to write an article that verifies Corey’s information from a show called Dark Matter. Much of what he says is featured in this show and I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe Corey or are on the fence about his information and would like further verification. Of course this article won’t be enough for everyone but I think it might help with at least a few people.


Alan doesnt need to provide proof. We all know how you operate. One of your moves is to ask for proof, implying Alan would lie. Another is to misquote and attack the false position. Another is to pretend you are the only person with a valid opinion. Another is to play the victim then say some “enlightened” bullshit about magic sacred lighting bolts shooting out of human asses or something like that

Should I ask people how many would like to see Caleb banned?
I propose to collect names for a few weeks, then we can discuss whether I send it to Ben


I welcome it.

Because I’ve collected all of the adhominem attacks by the “faction” and I don’t even have to search for them as I’ve been saving them throughout.

Primo sicko stuff from Xander,Melissa,Geno,Kpuppy,Annon,Mozart and more.

Siggi wouldn’t take that shit and left with disgust.

Xander and Annon called him a CIA and Zionist and other insults.

these fuckers are transparent bullshit artists!

Siggi is not here because of Xander.

Even after Siggi quit he came back on to tell Xander to stop flooding his personal emails with personal attacks.

Another is to misquote and attack the false position.
Comment by accuchip on January 5, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

Classic! “Siggi is not here because of Xander.”
Comment by calebbrennan on January 5, 2017 @ 12:15 pm

Siggi told us he wanted to go walkabout to Inner Earth, & I confronted him for trying to ban Anon. unfairly (as reinforced by Ben deciding Siggi’s case was not valid) & doing it unilaterally.

The False Light is a meme by faction of Archons.

I trust my light

I trust my intuition.

Don’t let the Fuckers bring you down!!!

We are all Photonic star beings.


Siggi singled you out, don’t lie

magic sacred lighting bolts shooting out of human asses or something like that
Comment by accuchip on January 5, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

Great Summation of your thoughts.


The way Caleb is now makes it so people do not want to post imo.
Comment by xanderboy1 on January 4, 2017 @ 9:09 pm


Like siggi?
Get rid of the idiot
He’s been nothing but trouble from the start
Comment by wizzard322 on January 4, 2017 @ 10:49 pm

You can add me to the list of people who want caleb banned.
Comment by cr606 on January 4, 2017 @ 11:18 pm

You started the list should we add your name again?

I just can  not stay silent, with all the anti Caleb posts , etc.

I cannot imagine being so thin skinned that I could not ignore someone’s posts, and the ad hominem attacks toward him seem to far outweigh any posts of his.

I do agree with Caleb’s  outlook most of the time, tho I don’t really enjoy the bickering, usually only go there in defense of some minority, or to expose extreme hypocrisy.

It seems like a classroom of 5th graders, to become so outraged, and band together to bully out one who has, and expresses, dissenting views.

But go ahead, write Ben, and act like the “snowflakes” you go on about,  hopefully, Ben will ignore you all.

Maybe you are the snowflakes.  I guess you feel that you are bullied when he, or anyone else, expresses  views and distaste for some of the hater posts, the divisive posts, meaning dividing up who ,in society ,is good, or right, by some personal judgment.

As if we are not all perfectly loved equally by the creator.
And are equally entitled to live out life as we are , gay,  bi, trans, black, brown, white, purple or green, with justice and freedom for all.

And I do not include the pedo elite monsters in this, only consenting adults in any activity.

I cannot imagine we are remotely close to even the 4th dimension, with the attitudes I see here and online,  about minorities of all types , but I cannot waste anymore soul energy calling it out, just skip a good many , much longer posts .

Just skip Caleb, if you cannot handle him.
His posts are fairly  short, so no problem looking at the bottom.

There is a false meme I do see operating in here. The right is right, and the left is wrong.

So any   progressive,  tolerant and  accepting  of  all  types   posts and any promotion or defense of that viewpoint seems to draw fire .

Any call out of extreme hate, or repressive views is seen as an attack.  And then attacked , as if just expressing a progressive liberal view is somehow a personal  attack.

I find the thin skin to be ridiculous.  You can sure dish it out, perhaps not seeing that you are , but cannot take the  throwback.

I love Caleb’s presence here.

I love his wordcrafting, and his bright spirit he rolls out here.   His call for light and love, song and dance…Joy. His humor and jokes.

Thanks, Caleb, for giving me hope,  you are one of the few here who does.

Its all a play nightsinger

thanks for your support. I love you

I call it Fun because it is.

Even the hatred racism colonialism xenophobic tantrums show us something.

Of how you don’t want to be.

Anonymous CIA VS NSA Gun Battle In Lower Manhattan


Trump has unleashed a racism fake nationalism to make it OK to hate again.

It is his legacy.

I reject it!

Its all a play nightsinger.

True Caleb, that it is.

I may have momentarily lost sight of that.

I used to be a “Baba lover”

One of my favorite Meher Baba quotes:

” Take it as a blessing

Take it as a test.

Taken at it’s very best,

Life is just a jest.”

And, of course, the now famous quote :

“Don’t worry, Be happy “

Oh what should I do

someone called me a snowflake

This is greatest compliment ever

As each one can not be duplicated


U.S./UK Paid “White Helmets” Help Al Qaeda Blocking Water To 5 Million Thirsty Syrians

Xander wants to Ban me like he went after siggi

Sorry bitch your power is fading


Now you can HEAR chemistry: Health Ranger translates molecules into music in stunning video demonstration that will blow your mind (and your ears)


The hatred and disgusting posts by Xander and his Partner Anon

Tell a story

If you want to affiliate with that energy I feel sorry for you

And I will do my best to counter that bullshit

Kumbaya perfect for lemmings!
Comment by xanderboy1 on January 2, 2017 @ 10:34 pm



Below is an excerpt from a speech Dec. 14 by Tom Suarez,
author of State of Terror to the British House of Lords on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

“Jews who opposed and tried to warn of the emerging fascism were assassinated, and indeed most victims of Zionist assassinations–that is, targeted, rather than indiscriminate–were Jews.”



‘Zionism is a racist fascist cult’: Israeli Embassy’s fury after anti-Semitic hate speaker gives talk at a top London university

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3918000/Zionism-racist-fascist-cult-Israeli-embassy-s-fury-anti-Semitic-hate-speaker-gives-talk-London-university.html#ixzz4UsktlPyf
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Nightsinger @ 1:35 pm: Gahahahah!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017
New Atlantis

New report by Cobra

Italy’s Grillo Slams Mainstream Media “Manifest Manipulation Of Reality”

“Fake news” has officially crossed the pond and once again it the mainstream media that is producing more of it (while blaming the alternative media). Beppe Grillo, founder of Italy’s Five Star anti-euro movement lashed out at the country’s journalists for “manufacturing false news,” accusing them of fabricating stories to keep the Five Stars down.

“Newspapers and television news programmes are the biggest manufacturers of false news in the country, with the aim of ensuring those who have power keep it,” he said on his blog on Tuesday.

As Local.It reports, he called for “a popular jury to determine the veracity of the news published,” and said in cases of fake news “the editor must, head bowed, make a public apology and publish the correct version at the start of the program or on the paper’s front page”.

…the politicians are now demanding stronger measures against bloggers…

[BUT], have never urged punishment for those who commit more serious crimes, lying in absolute bad faith, abusing the credibility of institutions. That lie can not be punished. It is not in the interest of mainstream politicians.

All major newspapers should be closed for manifest manipulation of reality, or obliged to go out with a sticker that certifies the lack of credibility.


Trump has unleashed a racism fake nationalism to make it OK to hate again.

It is his legacy.

I reject it!

Comment by calebbrennan on January 5, 2017 @ 2:44 pm
Same propaganda you can get from CNN CNBC and most main stream media. I don’t think it is true.

“Trump supporters are haters” Caleb thinks he is the poster boy for all that is good. Bullshit.

Well I like snowflakes for the most part-you took it negatively
which is par for you. And it hasn’t been to long since caleb
Attacked any here with total comfort. It’s just that now he doesn’t
get away with it.

Yrs of BS and finally people are done with it

what is this????

From Simon Parkes 1 hr interview posted:

Kerry, Buzz aldrin, the Pope et al went to Antartica for a large meeting with negative and positive entities to see who would give them the best deal. Thus the Buzz Aldrin tweet – apparently he viewed some negative scenario.

The Pope has a long history of being a key decision maker for humanity. The Pope signs off on stuff even the Queen isn’t required for.

CIA Black Ops Commander: The American Republic Has Been Restored (Steve Pieczenik Update)




from David Seaman:

Comment by nightsinger5 on January 5, 2017 @ 1:35 pm

Great post, thanks. I get a “down to earth” vibe when reading your posts and calebs. keep em’ coming.. peace & love..


Jim Stone

MASSIVE ATTACKS TODAY, I am almost completely disabled.

The “Trump saved what is left of California” post has triggered massive attacks and I can’t update the site through the back door without burying it. If this post got them THAT MAD, it is staying on top. I am trying to get today’s posts inserted below the Trump saved California post but can’t because I have to be on the server to do that and they won’t let that happen. It ALL started today with this report, they are obviously chapped by it. ARCHIVE AND POST!


Sounds ridiculous? Well, it is NOT. In 2013 I proved that there was no drought (other than one that was Haarp induced), and that in conjunction with the modestly effective Haarp induced drought leftists in California drained California’s dams as fast as they could be safely drained, and dumped all of California’s agricultural water straight into the San Joaquin river ON PURPOSE in the name of a spurious fish called the Delta Smelt. It was clearly done for the sole purpose of wiping out the orchards in the San Joaquin and replacing them with GMO, as well as bankrupting farmers so corrupted elite could buy up prime lands for practically nothing.

Obama did absolutely nothing to stop this direct criminal action against California agriculture, and now that Trump has arrived as the police man, they have stopped the Haarp drought and are as RAPIDLY AS POSSIBLE gushing rain and snow water into the dams to re-fill them and claim the drought ended naturally. This may all sound far fetched to those who don’t know about weather modification and just how corrupt and evil the elitist Democrats are, but I have irrefutable proof here on this site that proves that in 2011 California got so much water it filled the dams up and they simply re-drained them while giving California growers practically nothing. HERE WE GO:

more –

Comment by intruth on January 6, 2017 @ 2:22 am

My computer clock just hit 2:22

Love them triple digits :smile:

My computer clock just hit 2:22
Love them triple digits :smile:
Comment by secondlife on January 6, 2017 @ 4:22 am

Hi SL,

at 4:22 no less! These digits drive me nuts…..3:11, 11:11 etc. Maybe we’ve moved on to 22’s.

Mkddachs wrote:
Well I like snowflakes for the most part-you took it negatively
which is par for you. And it hasn’t been to long since caleb
Attacked any here with total comfort. It’s just that now he doesn’t
get away with it.
Indeed, he’s being called out for the troll he is by dint of the tactics he uses.The use of every logical fallacy in the book as well as setting up and bashing straw men.

New Hampshire Bill Would Require Courts To Inform Juries Of Their Right To Nullify

A bill prefiled in the New Hampshire State House for 2017 would require state courts to fully inform jurors of their right to nullify.


Jury nullification is the ability to declare someone not guilty in a case, even when it is clear he has violated the law in question. Juries use this power to defend people against laws that are unjust, immoral, or unconstitutional.

This power is one of the most untapped, unknown, and powerful of any at the disposal of ordinary people to stand up to tyranny. In New Hampshire, it is known as the “Wentworth instruction, stemming from a case known as State v. Wentworth in which the defendant challenged the jury instructions on what constituted reasonable doubt.


Way to go NH. Hope it catches on….

Ben & Jerry’s #DirtyDairy

If there were an award for “greenwashing,” it would likely go to Ben & Jerry’s, the iconic Vermont-based ice cream brand, now owned by Unilever.

Ben & Jerry’s has done a brilliant job of selling consumers on the idea that the company cares about social justice, the environment, the climate, and its customers—the company even brags about its “Caring Dairy” program and its commitment to using non-GMO ingredients.

But behind that greenwashed façade lies the tale of a company that relies on a #dirtydairy industry that has poisoned Vermont’s waterways, abuses animals, is bankrupting farmers and is contributing to global warming by stripping the soil of its ability to draw down and sequester carbon.

It’s not enough to pretend to be a champion of GMO labeling—especially when your company relies on acres upon acres of GMO animal feed to produce your products. Ben & Jerry’s is in the perfect position to lead the dairy industry into an organic, regenerative future. If Ben & Jerry’s wants consumers to believe its slogans and value statements, it’s time to get real.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Ben & Jerry’s: Stop Defrauding Consumers—It’s Time to Go Organic!

Petition for those interested:


gordon duff-quote—–“In the process, with all of these games the Israelis turned on him. The Saudis turned on him. [Despite] his double-dealing against Iraq, trading oil with the Barzani Kurds out of Erbil and ISIS [Daesh], their secret partners turned on him. The NGOs, non-government organizations, which were used to supply arms to the terrorist groups … turned on him as well and as he is noting now the CIA has turned on him too,”—–unquote…..



and so it was in the new gregorian year of 2017 the khazarion draconian demonic capos fell like dominos to be placed into the dustbins of history…..

adieu maintenant des minion diable…..

I have been a member since Sept of 2012. As much as I have enjoyed coming here to read comments on Ben’s site, as many of you have become like family, I have found that I cannot continue reading some of the comments by negative members without having my PTSD triggered.

Much of the comments have become too childish… too angry… for me to continue. Actually it has become boring to see the same ole people insulting the same ole people. And the same members always back up the negative comments with “light and love” comments which seem to me to be a bit conflicting, in my humble opinion. I also know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I love many of you and will miss your loving comments. Xander, intruth, siggi, smoak, mkddachs, vermithax, accuchip, alan, mac from seattle, and so many others… my Oregon friends! And I will miss David W. comments.

Those who aren’t so loving… well, good-bye. One day I may return but I reckon there are many who won’t even notice that I am gone. For others who enjoy our common goals and ideals… my email is windicooper@gmail.com. Write me and I will give you my new address as I soon will be doing away with as much of my google accounts as I can.

Blessings of love and light to all. Windi

It is easy to understand how orgonite works if you understand electronics. The device has conductive chips, metal chips, inside a plastic matrix with one or more piezoelectric crystals, usually quartz. The crystal is squeezed by the plastic as it hardens producing a stress in it. This causes the crystal to be non-linear. Now the metallic chips are basically an antenna, which absorbs the lower orgone frequencies often referred to as DOR. This energy is then transferred to the crystal, which due to it being a non-linear piezoelectric device causes the vibration to generate harmonics of the original frequencies. That is it produces orgone with frequencies of twice, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times and so forth the original frequencies. These are then emitted from the crystal, usually from the pointed ends. Since the frequencies are now substantially higher, what is emitted is now POR, or positive orgone. So the devices not only absorbs DOR, but re emits it as POR, that is eliminate the bad, and send out the good.


Jim Stone.
Despicable denial after Autistic teen brutalized by 4 black kids yesterday
The attack was so brutal the kids considered killing him rather than let him continue to suffer. That’s how bad this was.

I was not going to report on this, until I saw the unbelievably despicable way the Jewish owned media is handling this. It is mind blowing.

On Leftist blog “Reason.com” these two quotes can be found, and they prove beyond all doubt that the left is completely intellectually and morally bankrupt. GET A LOAD OF THIS!

QUOTE 1: The story

“The victim, who is tied up with his mouth taped shut, is abused in numerous ways. The perpetrators cut his hair with a knife until his head bleeds, flick cigarette ashes on him, and threaten him. They occasionally utter things like, “Fuck Donald Trump, fuck white people.” At one point, the video recorder, a black woman whose name is easily identifiable, suggests putting the victim out of his misery.

The report fails to mention that they forced him to say “fuck white people, Fuck donald Trump” and only says that the teens said it, and then goes on to explain how the incident was not a hate crime, (obviously because a white kid was the victim) and ends with this:

“We ought to be a little skeptical of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s contention that Trump’s election has unleashed a wave of race-based harassment and hatred. But we should also be a little skeptical that a bunch of teenagers bullying a white man has anything, really, to do with Donald Trump.”

WTF DID I JUST READ? FOUR BLACK KIDS TORTURE A WHITE KID INTO SAYING “FUCK WHITE PEOPLE, FUCK DONALD TRUMP, YET TRUMP AND RACISM HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HAPPENED? Yeah, only in the totally twisted logic of a sick democrat/liberal/progressive/communist mind. Thank God this SH** is almost over.

More Jim Stone.
Russia did not respond to Obama’s “pebble throw” so now “we’ll throw rocks”
This happened today with their hearings on “Russian hacking”. After the intelligence agencies produced zero evidence because it was all “classified” but “you can trust us” the consensus was “war with Russia is needed.” Not cool, And if they do spark a war, they can use the NDAA to shut down and imprison anyone in the alt media who points out what a farce it is. Anything to screw Trump over and keep their butts out of jail, ANYTHING.

They are cornered, and obviously dangerous. They are making America look like a banana republic with nukes. If anything at all could prove how far down the toilet they have taken the country, the Russian hacking ruse is clearly it. America has lost all maturity as a nation to a point which proves an enemy that seeks the nation’s destruction is in charge. And the only thing standing between a future and a war is the maturity of Russia.

Great Article…

The Art of Purification: How to Completely Detox Harmful Heavy Metals and Chemicals From Your Body



winifred wrote:
I love many of you and will miss your loving comments. Xander, intruth, siggi, smoak, mkddachs, vermithax, accuchip, alan, mac from seattle, and so many others… my Oregon friends! And I will miss David W. comments.
Thank you for your kind mention, Winifred. You must do what your inner nous tells you to do. May the blessings of the Divine Mother be with you…

Has anyone heard from Smoak recently? She usually posts a lot, but I haven’t seen anything recently. I hope she is alright.

preston james-quote—–The Nazi scientists working on rocketry and anti-gravity craft would be brought into the USA and would be employed at a living wage and would be expected to continue their Alien ET research and advanced rocketry.

This eventually led to a bifurcated space program, with the rocket-based system for public consumption, and the secret anti-gravity programs becoming deeply buried inside certain Defense Contractor special access, unacknowledged “need to know” deep-black and beyond-black programs.—–unquote…..


I will miss you! And I agree. I am almost there myself. The energies are so conflicted right now that I stay to see if they mellow. But, that is probably just putting off the inevitable…

I wish you the best!

Comment by winifred on January 6, 2017 @ 5:46 am

So sorry to see you go Windi, but it’s completely understandable. Hope there is a cure for PTSD released and you can come back to us.

Comment by winifred on January 6, 2017 @ 5:46 am

It has been a wonderful experience having your presence here… hope you decide to come back. :smile:

Best in all you do…

Be Safe and Be Well

Banning people is what liberals or the so called conservatives do. When I was new here I thought Caleb was funny. Now I think he just a dick sometimes. Has he changed? No he hasn’t , I’ve just been here for a couple years and so it for what it is.
If I could ban anything it would be this cold weather. Never got above 2 Fahrenheit today. . When I first checked today it was -19 . May off been colder. Yeah the cold I would ban that shit.
Just being such a prick Caleb.

Stop being such a prick should of been the last sentence.

I have enjoyed you also and I know the negativity has been
difficult but I will not be chased away from this site and I really
think it is time to see if Ben will kick Caleb out for real.

We have suffered like this before and allowed it to go on to
long but we learned a great lesson on became strong because
of it.

Who do we have that would be willing to email Ben
for us. We have gotten to this point with him before.

I watched a movie today called “I.T.”
It really shows how smart machines an be
turned against those living with them.
Pierce Brosnan was the main character

Source: Khazarian mafia chickens coming home to roost in the Year of the Rooster

Source: Weekly geo-political news and analysis


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