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Lifting the Military Industrial Curtain with Heather Sartain

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January 2017 S7:Ep13 4 mins

Guest: Corey Goode, Heather Sartain

Lockheed Martin, and other defense contractors, are known to advance the vanguard of technology and scientific exploration into new frontiers. What they do not openly reveal, could hold greatest sway over the future of humanity. Heather Sartain grew up listening to tales from her father and his friends, who were all aerospace engineers during the foundation of various secret space program initiatives. What she heard about the nature of our co-creative consciousness, the importance of the pineal gland, secret projects and the presence of extraterrestrial beings further confirms information coming forth from Corey Goode and other whistleblowers on such matters. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast on January 3, 2017.

Instructor/Host: David Wilcock
Featuring: Corey Goode, Heather Sartain
Video Language: English

Source: Lifting the Military Industrial Curtain with Heather Sartain | Gaia


Season 7, Episode 1

s6e17_lifting_the_military_industrial_curtain_w_heather_sartain_16x9.jpgDavid Wilcock: Okay, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and we are here with Corey Goode. And we have a special insider for you, someone who has bravely come forward and is bringing us a lot of interesting corroborating information. Her name is Heather Sartain.

So, Heather, welcome to the show.

Heather Sartain: Thank you.

David: All right. And Corey, welcome back, buddy.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So, Heather, let’s just hit the ground running here. Since the viewer might not know anything about you, I’ll just say that you came up to me at a conference and told me that your father worked for Lockheed Martin.

Heather: That’s correct.

David: And that there was a lot of very interesting stuff that he said that fit very nicely with what I’ve already been talking about.

Heather: Yes, that’s true.

David: Okay, so could you just briefly tell us a little about yourself now. I know that you’re a college professor, but what is your specialty in your work as a college professor?

1 Heather Sartain

Heather: I teach part time at a local university, and I teach geology and astronomy and physics courses. My background is in physics and geology.

David: Okay. So Heather, I wanted to start out by explaining that you handed me some very interesting documentation here, the first one being your father’s Texas driver’s license.

2 Edward Sartain S Driver S License

Heather: Yes.

David: And so we see that his name was Edward. It’s very clearly real. It says it expires on January 27, 2017. And when did he pass away?

Heather: In July of 2013.

David: July 2013. And the next thing that I have here is, it says, “Lockheed Martin Corporation Master Retirement Trust”. It’s a check made out to your mother for $2,103.75.

3 Lockheed Retirement Payment Detail

And it says, “Lockheed Martin” right on here. And this is his retirement or pension or something?

Heather: Yeah, she receives half of his retirement after he’s passed on.

David: Okay. So I just wanted to bring that up to confirm to you watching this that a lot of UFO researchers they really want to see the documentation. And you’ve been able to provide us with proof that your father did work at Lockheed Martin.

Heather: Yes.

David: You grew up with your father having been in the Air Force, you said, originally?

Heather: Yeah, he was in the Air Force first of all, and then later he worked for NASA through different contractors.

David: Okay.

Heather: And he retired from Lockheed. And he was an aerospace engineer, a senior aerospace engineer for 37 years, working on top secret projects for NASA, as well as Space Shuttle mission and all the way back to Skylab and Apollo missions.

So his career covers several decades.

David: So, Corey, I remember that when you were brought up to the LOC, and you had the NASA hat on, they told you, “Take off that ridiculous cover”.

Corey: Right.

David: Does NASA have any inside knowledge at all? Or are they just a civilian space agency?

Corey: There are individuals inside of NASA that have closer to the full scope of information, but most of them that have been briefed or know about a Secret Space Program, only know about the one the Military-Industrial Complex has created.

The last I heard, it was two space stations and a number of triangular craft that service them.

4 Corey Heather David

David: Okay. Heather, getting back to what was going on here, when was the first time that your father said something to you that was out-of-the-box? And what did he say?

Heather: He had referenced a UFO encounter that my mom and my sister had in 1966. And this is pretty close to Johnson Space Center where they lived and where I grew up. And that was several years before I was born. And they were talking about it, and he was talking about the different alien groups that he was aware of.
And about the age of 12, 13, I began to ask questions, you know, “What are you talking about? I thought ‘aliens’ was a story.

“This UFO that mom saw, is that for real, or was it something that’s like military?”

And he said, “No, it’s real.” And he mentioned the type of aliens that they saw moving inside the craft, so they were pretty close proximity. [It] happened to be over the Gulf of Mexico, the bay area where the Johnson Space Center is located.

And there was no sound in this encounter that . . .

David: What was the shape of the craft?

Heather: A disk.

David: Okay.

Heather: It’s like having two plates, one on top of the other, so that it’s kind of a flattened disk appearance, metallic.

She said it had blue, glowing lights all the way around it. And it wasn’t like lights you would see here normally, a special technology.

Corey: And it was close enough that she could see people inside?

Heather: Yeah, my sister was six years old. She still remembers what she saw. They could see beings, at least three, moving around inside the craft. And they weren’t very large. She said they were like the size of children.

David: Right.

Heather: And so that’s when I heard my dad telling her, “You know, those are the Greys. They’re robots. They’re programmed by a higher intelligence, an older civilization. They come in and out of our atmosphere quite often. They’re actually here all the time.”

David: Wow!

Heather: And he talked about different groups that are here on this planet, living among us, and they’ve been doing so since ancient times, actually, not just in recent times, but ancient times.

David: Well, hold on one second. Corey, as far as the idea of Greys being robots, does that line up with what you’ve heard?

Corey: Yes. There are, as we’ve discussed, a number of of different types of beings that have been thrown under the Grey umbrella.

There are the programmed lifeforms that the military uses when they abduct people. And then there are also a group of Greys that were somewhat biologically and technically created by a group that is controlled by artificial intelligence, an ancient group.

David: Okay. When she gave a description of the craft, does that line up with anything that you are familiar with?

Corey: Yeah, that’s a pretty classic UFO for that time period.

David: Okay.

Heather: She described it as being the size of a typical 10-by-10, 10-by-12 living room. So that’s about all the space you would have inside the craft.

David: Okay.

Heather: Yeah.

David: It must have been overwhelming for you as a child to have seen movies like “Close Encounters” or “ET”, and then to be finding out, wait a minute, this is not just some fiction.

I mean, what you’ve already described is a lot of information to hear as a child or as a young adult.

Heather: Yeah, well, I know that what my mother and sister witnessed was pretty incredible. And for my dad to talk nonchalantly like, “Oh, yeah, those are the Greys.”

I later on became curious, well, why is he so comfortable with this? He doesn’t speak as if it’s a joke.

My dad had a very serious personality, very dry sense of humor, a very technical person. Most aerospace engineers are very technical and serious-minded people.

And as I got older, I began to ask questions about the different alien groups that he would mention from time to time, either with his peers, a couple of friends he used to work with – I’d hear things in their conversations – or when he was talking to my mother.

David: Okay, let’s just pause for a second there, and I want to get into your father’s friends. We had talked off camera about that sometimes they would come to the house?

Heather: Yes.

David: So could you just set that up for us a little bit and what was interesting about that from your perspective?

Heather: They were also aerospace engineers working for Lockheed, and they would come over, and they would have private conversations in our home.

These were things they talked about away from work, but they would share amongst each other. And these were things they were learning from the government.

They all had military backgrounds. And these are things that they would discuss because they’re piecing parts together of things they’ve been exposed to.

So they would talk about metaphysical things, energy, how it can be manipulated, how the population could actually change the rotation of this planet mentally. You can change the atmospheric conditions.

And they would talk about different types of technology that the government’s working on that is sort of a reverse-engineering technique based on crashed UFOs that have been recovered and reversed engineering has taken place.

Now, I can’t attest to if they were working on this reverse engineering, but I know that they understood it. And they had knowledge of it from work.

David: All right. Well, . . .

Heather: These guys worked under top secret.

David: You said some bombshell stuff, though, and I don’t want to make people drink off a firehouse, so let’s go back to that.

And actually, first of all, just to set this up, Corey, what is your . . . I mean, we’re talking about Lockheed like everybody knows what that is. So what is your knowledge of Lockheed and their role in what you were doing?

Corey: Well, Lockheed, of course, is a contractor for the government. They do a lot of research and development.

So a lot of what they develop goes into the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program.

David: Oh. What specific types of technology are you aware of that Lockheed Martin is making for the Military-Industrial Complex?

Corey: Well, I don’t know the scope of how much they designed and created this technology, but I know they were heavily involved in the creation of these torsion field engines, as well as their power plants, which in the beginning were your normal, run-of-the-mill nuclear reactors.

Then, later on, they moved to thorium reactors. And then after that, they moved to using this zero-point energy technology.

The reactor would build up electricity in these giant capacitors, and then the capacitors would provide the energy where they were needed for the engine or other devices.

David: So, Heather, I wanted to . . . Now that we’ve kind of set up what Lockheed is, and, Corey, you’re saying that they are very involved in the Secret Space Program.

Corey: Yes.

David: Okay. So you mentioned this idea of overhearing your father and two other insiders, I guess, saying that our consciousness changes the rotation of the Earth?…




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